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Boise Boise Vista

 I attended the Boise Vista Lions Club meeting last night. They met at the Envision office and brought in some pizza and chocolate cake. They’re looking for a new restaurant meeting spot, but will be at Envision until they do.  Several members received challenge coins. These were all Lions that I knew - so definitely the Lions serving out in front in the club. First up PDG Laura. She sends out a newsletter after every meeting, keeps up with the secretary duties, and participates in projects. Lion Mary Rockrohr chairs the casinos and gets everyone working hard. She’s a great organizer and how about that hat? Lion Ray Hansen has been a Lion since 1969 and has pretty much done it all for the club at one time or another. He’s still an active member.  Two more Lions received challenge coins, but they are still wintering in Florida. Theirs will have to wait until next month.  And why Boise Boise Vista? That is how the club is listed in LCI. I think they must have wanted to be listed first al

March newsletter updates

 Perhaps you landed here from the newsletter link. Perhaps not. At any rate, here are two additions/corrections. The first link for the first aid kits for Camp Hodia did not work. These things happen. Here’s the link. Just a bit late for inclusion is this information from Eagle 616: Mental health issues are rising. Most of us will do all that we can to help our friends and family get through their darkest times. However, sometimes our family or friends lose hope. They don’t want to live any more. They think they can end the pain by taking their life. How can we help them in this dark time? what are some warning signs? This 2 hour conference will help give you some skills on what to do if you find yourself in that situation. These tools could help save someone’s life. If you would like to learn more please contact the Eagle 616 Lions Club.  Thanks for understanding the human element.

Fun times in Declo

 After several phone conversations with Declo president Clint and secretary Mike, I was able to join them Saturday night for their charter party. I was made to feel welcome before I even got through the door and those guys are some really good cooks!  Several Rupert Lions were there along with Twin Falls president Nickie. I didn’t count Lions, but the room was full with Lions and spouses and everyone was having a good time. I inducted four new Lions and gave out chevrons to several Lions for their years of service. This new member missed the party. Clint thought we could photoshop him in later. After the new member inductions, I gave out a few challenge coins. Clint wanted to honor a few of the “more experienced” Lions who have been serving for a few decades as well as a couple of more recent additions. So this group of five Lions received coins for their Service from the Heart.  This was a fantastic trip to Burley and Declo. Two clubs doing tons of service their way. 

Burley to Declo with a stop in Twin

 The past weekend I put a few miles on the truck-just a few. First stop, Morey’s Steakhouse in Burley for the Burley Lions Charter Party. They had a big turnout of Lions, spouse, and Leos. Cade and Keith were great MCs with Lion Kent handling raffle duties. A long-time Spudman participant spoke about her many years as a triathlete, starting in the team division, learning to swim the river at age 47, and eventually competing in a couple of Ironmans.  It was great to see so many Leos there and I learned they have had a Leo club since the 80s. I sat with one of their newest Lions, one who was inducted at the meeting I attended earlier in the year.  Saturday I met Lion Nickie, the Twin Falls president, for lunch. It’s always nice to catch up with Lions outside of meetings and events.  Next stop, Declo. But maybe they deserve a post of their own.