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On the road to Mountain Home

 Today I was back on the road, this time visiting the Mountain Home Lions Club. They have missed a few meetings through the pandemic and are now working to get back full force.  One project I hadn’t heard about was their annual Turkey Shoot. In the fall they sell spaces on a giant card which they then take out and SHOOT, literally, to determine the winners. Prizes include money off turkeys and ham for Thanksgiving, with many donating their winnings back to the community.  Challenge coins were the theme of the day, celebrating service from the heart. These are the Lions that always participate, always volunteer, and always serve their club and community.  Kim Sykes and Kim Leircke (Me in the middle with eyes closed again. Promise I’m not sleeping.) President Courtney with me and Zone Chair Curt. Bryan Straw Not pictured, yet anyway,Marty and Moira Beach Jodi Sobalski, and Rich Sykes.  Congrats, and thank you all for serving from the heart.

Midwinter Moments Part 1

 I am incredibly grateful to my Midwinter Convention Team! The convention is definitely not a one person job! I asked the Star Lions (my home club) to be my committee and four Lions stepped up to the task. Sharon McNally was the hotel liaison. She initially researched and visited area hotels to find a venue. Throughout the next few months, she communicated with The Grove team (Nathan and Samantha), asking all the right questions and relaying answers. Her organizational skills are outstanding! Jennifer Weeks also doubles as Cabinet Secretary. Jennifer and I go back a ways, and she told me she would do whatever I needed. Little did she know...Jennifer also excels in organization and her computer skills were invaluable. She did spreadsheets, programs, agendas, name tags-all the printed materials, plus coordinating sponsors and stepped in last minute to run the game night.  Maria Anderson worked with Sharon on initial planning. Family matters kept her sidelined for some of the planning, bu

Not my first rodeo with the Meridian Lions

 I made an early morning visit to the Meridian Lions Club meeting. I had visited them at their summer picnic, but didn’t have my challenge coins yet, so visit number two.   Dan Ollivant is club secretary, MD secretary, Zone char. He leads the club with Rake Up Meridian, Meridian Food bank project, club food drive. Volunteers a rodeo grounds and is always ready to help.   Jerry Healy volunteered to be club treasurer when the previous treasurer stepped down. He did a great job throughout the biggest fundraiser. Talk about learning on the job! He also volunteers at most events.   Steve Geiseke volunteered to serve the district and MD as Patriotism Essay co-chair. His goal was to increase participation-looking forward to see the results. Steve was super organized.    Larry Hansen is always a ready volunteer. He organized the roadside clean up, work days at the rodeo grounds, and Salvation Army bell ringers.  Helen Johnson missed the meeting so I will have to find a photo of her. She spent

And Grand View is grand

 My visit to Grand View Lions really made me smile. Small club doing some huge things. They’ve done so many projects in their community. Zone chair Curt Kelley and I visited the Lions park after lunch and Doug showed us the concession building that the community can use for events. It has covered tables and storage for more tables and chairs. Oh, and a view of the river. Their late winter online auction raises thousands.   Doug Thurman was presented a challenge coin as club treasurer, auction chair, and pretty much every project volunteer. He was instrumental in remodeling the building at the park, building the fence, pouring concrete at the Library, and is a Scout leader.  Doug passed on his coin to Lion Bob.     Club president Verla Robinson received a coin. She’s been president for a number of years, participates fully in keeping the club going, and was super inspiring. 

The beaded belt buckle (or coin purse)

 We have a tradition in MD 39- well, maybe more than one. But I’m talking about the gifts that are given to the International Directors who come to our conventions. The Past District Governors Association provides a hand beaded belt buckle or coin purse, made by a local Native American.  I’ve been to many conventions, but I had never seen the gift, or really even been aware of it. So when I was sitting next to ID Hunt in Idaho Falls at the 39E Midwinter, I asked him if I could take a photo. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s really beautiful and a nice keepsake for the International Directors.