Sunday, February 16, 2014

Did you miss the Midwinter?

The Midwinter Convention last weekend hosted by Mountain Home Lions included many of the usual activities-and a few that were not so usual.

Friday night's International Food Fair had 3 contestants-the Parma Lions, the Boise Riverside Special Olympics Lions, and the Mountain Home Lions. The BRSO club was the winner with the country of "Sweetzerland".  OK, not really a country, but DG Bill called it "innovation".  I think he's a member of that club... Parma's country was the mythical Parma-san and Mtn. Home chose the Philippines. Those who braved the weather enjoyed music by Third Take until heading to the "Lions Den" in room 115.

A few of the breakout sessions had to be cancelled due to weather concerns, but John Mundt filled in with a presentation about the Hamburg convention.  Rich Sykes, president of the Mountain Home club, told us why their club is 106 members strong and growing.  He's the only president I know who has voluntarily been tased and shot with paint balls to further the cause of Lionism.

Stevie Beehler was elected to serve as District Governor next year, and Jay Lugo was elected to serve as 1st Vice District Governor (after being appointed 2nd Vice District Governor at the Cabinet meeting on Friday). 

International Director Larry Dicus from California was the keynote speaker for the evening banquet.  I was impressed with his commitment to the use of technology and social media and he had some good suggestions and ideas.

There were a few awards presented.  International President's Certificates of Appreciation were given to Lynn and Dennis Burks, co-chairs of the convention (great job, you two!) and Nancy Berto for the publicity she does with her club and zone.  Friendship tote bags were given to Karen Woods, DGE Stevie Beehler, DG Ron Gill from the East, Rich Sykes, Dennis and Lynn, and IT Kathy Donahue.

You may be wondering what was unusual about this convention.  That would be the outhouse theme.  Mountain Home Lions have a tradition of hauling around an outhouse to get new members...More on that later. It may have you wanting to build one of your own-or not.

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