Monday, October 21, 2013

Who parks all those cars?

Every now and then, but not nearly often enough, someone brings a great Lions club event or project to my attention.  Today I want to pass along a project that's been going on for 48 years.

Since 1965 the Twin Falls Lions Club has been parking cars at the Twin Falls County Fair.  This involves a lot more than just directing traffic.  It begins with 12 acres of pasture that the Lions section off into rows for parking and lanes for driving.  They pound steel posts into the ground for markers,  direct cars where to park, and attend the lot throughout the 6 day fair.

But it's not over until the lot is cleaned up and restored to its original condition, 10 days after they drove in the first stake.

It somehow doesn't look like all work and no play!

Congratulations to PDG Don Rahe who has been the Fair Parking Chairperson for the last 10 years for another successful project!



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