Sunday, October 6, 2013

Motivating the Lions

My second most favorite part of the USA/Canada Forum is listening to the keynote speakers.  (More about my favorite thing another day!)

The Forum starts on Thursday evening with dinner and a speaker; this year it was Ed Hearn.  I was pretty excited about this as an avid baseball fan, since Ed was a major league ballplayer in the 80s.  His story is about achieving his boyhood dream, losing his health and almost his life, and battling back to be able to inspire others with his story. 

At the Friday luncheon, the speaker was Dayna Steele-finding your inner rock star.  Dayna is a motivational speaker and she was well-prepared to speak to the Lions.  You can find her daily motivational tips on her blog or delivered to your inbox.

Saturday's speaker was the International President, Barry Palmer.  I liked his "on the fly" idea to have a one-day lunch to target new female members-one day all over the world.  I hope he can make this a reality, but even if it's not worldwide, how about district wide?

The final keynote speaker on Saturday night was a truly amazing man, Patrick Henry Hughes.  Born with no eyes and a condition that does not allow him to straighten his arms or legs, Patrick is a college graduate and brilliant pianist.  He doesn't see a task and say "I can't do it" but instead, asks, "How can I do it?" 

Hearing these speakers, I can't help but come home inspired and motivated to do more as a Lion.  If the 2,000 other attendees feel the same, we won't be saying we can't succeed.  Lions will be finding a way.

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