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Bringing better vision to Mozambique

     “Is anyone interested in going to Mozambique?” asked Henry for at least the 50th time.         “We have 4000 pair of glasses there waiting to be distributed, and no one to do it.”      Thus started our journey to a country situated on the Southeast coast of Africa inhabited by people who speak Portuguese and Macua, but very little English.  This story actually started 3 years prior when Tom Porter, a volunteer for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF),   gave a presentation at the Boise Bench Lions meeting.  There, he met Henry Cardinale, who sorts and distributes glasses for the Idaho Lions Eye Bank and eventually a shipment of glasses was sent to the MAF base in Nampula, Mozambique.  However, they’d been sitting in storage there for nearly 3 years.      Having a love for travel and adventure, we decided this trip would be a great way to celebrate our relatively new status as retired persons.  So our preparations began.  The letter of invitation necessary to apply for visas was