Thursday, January 31, 2013

Young artists inspired by peace

January 15th was the first day for clubs to purchase Peace Poster kits for the 2013 -14 contest.

It may seem a little early for a contest that ends in November, but by getting a kit or 2 now, you're sure to find a school or youth organization that would like to participate and give them plenty of time to prepare their masterpiece.

And there will be masterpieces!  Just take a look at some of the winners that were produced last year (2011-12).  It's truly amazing what kids from 11-13 years old can do. 

Trisha Co Reyes, Philippines, 13 year old

 Aranas, Arizona, USA, 12 years old

Balaj Raisa Lara, Romania, 11 years old
Here in District 39W, we have selected a winner for the 2012-13 contest, which goes on to the Multiple District contest. The winner there is sent to Lions International to compete for one of the top 24 spots.

We congratulate our winner, sponsored by the Caldwell Lions Club.

Several 39W entries will be on display at the Midwinter Convention, Feb. 8-10.  Winning posters for 2012-13 for Lions International will be announced in February. 

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