Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lions are dying

I recently attended a meeting at a neighboring club.  The speakers were local Lions, Jonette Flores and Dana Miller from the Nampa Lions Club, talking about how they have five successful  Leo clubs in their area.  The membership in some of these clubs numbers over a hundred. 

In the Leo clubs, an enthusiastic adviser, often a teacher in the school where the club is located, is essential.  Lions sponsor the club, pay some of the costs, and work with the adviser and the Leos.  The Nampa Lions Club is exceptional in that they also provide training for the advisers and also for the Leo officers.

The Leos themselves determine the service projects or fundraisers they want to do, just like in a Lions club. Dana told of one such project from a middle school group.  The Leos decided they wanted to go Christmas caroling at a local nursing home.  They went to the music department in their school, recruited singers and borrowed sheet music, then crafted favors for the residents.

Later that day, I spoke to a long time Lion member who told me, "Lions are dying."

Clubs are getting old, members are dropping out, and Lions Clubs won't be around much longer, he stated.

I beg to differ.

With hundreds of youth interested in serving their communities?   

When these young people are learning to serve, learning leadership skills, and finding their passion right here in our own backyard?

When many Leos go on to be Lions because of the positive experience they've had?

When we, as current Lions, have the opportunity to recruit our successors now through Leos clubs?

If Lions are dying, it's our own fault.

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