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Who parks all those cars?

Every now and then, but not nearly often enough, someone brings a great Lions club event or project to my attention.  Today I want to pass along a project that's been going on for 48 years. Since 1965 the Twin Falls Lions Club has been parking cars at the Twin Falls County Fair.  This involves a lot more than just directing traffic.  It begins with 12 acres of pasture that the Lions section off into rows for parking and lanes for driving.  They pound steel posts into the ground for markers,  direct cars where to park, and attend the lot throughout the 6 day fair. But it's not over until the lot is cleaned up and restored to its original condition, 10 days after they drove in the first stake. It somehow doesn't look like all work and no play! Congratulations to PDG Don Rahe who has been the Fair Parking Chairperson for the last 10 years for another successful project!  

A few of my favorites things...about USA/Canada Forum

So why do I like going to the USA/Canada Forum, besides the "fun" time traveling and the keynotes?  It's the Lions!  Each lunch or dinner you are seated by colors, so it's doubtful that you'll be sitting with people you know.  Two lunches+2 dinners with tables set for 10-that's the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with 36 Lions.  Time to attend 7 seminars, seated at tables with at least 8 others-that's 49  Lions.  You have the opportunity to meet 85 Lions, give or take, from all over the USA and Canada.  Alaska, California, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Hawaii, New Mexico-just some of the places Lions were from that I had a chance to talk to.  And learn from From a shooting range in Utah (reported by the lone participant from that state), to owning and running an ambulance service in Connecticut, Lions have some amazing projects!  And it seems all the clubs have similar projects-vision testing, picking up litter,

Motivating the Lions

My second most favorite part of the USA/Canada Forum is listening to the keynote speakers.  (More about my favorite thing another day!) The Forum starts on Thursday evening with dinner and a speaker; this year it was Ed Hearn .  I was pretty excited about this as an avid baseball fan, since Ed was a major league ballplayer in the 80s.  His story is about achieving his boyhood dream, losing his health and almost his life, and battling back to be able to inspire others with his story.  At the Friday luncheon, the speaker was Dayna Steele-finding your inner rock star.  Dayna is a motivational speaker and she was well-prepared to speak to the Lions.  You can find her daily motivational tips on her blog or delivered to your inbox. Saturday's speaker was the International President, Barry Palmer.  I liked his "on the fly" idea to have a one-day lunch to target new female members-one day all over the world.  I hope he can make this a reality, but even if it's not worl

Kansas City, here I come

It is Wednesday afternoon and as I check the passenger totals for my stand-by flight on Thursday to Kansas City to attend the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, I realize there is no way I can get there in time for the Thursday evening keynote speaker and dinner.  I hurriedly throw  clothes into my suitcase, pack up my 2 dogs to drop off at the kennel, and head to the airport.  Not getting a seat on the 3:00 flight, I check my options.  If I can get on the flight to San Francisco at 5:36, I will be able to make the red-eye to Houston, and make it to KC by 9:41 in plenty of time to make the opening events of the forum. As luck would have it (finally, some luck!) the 6:03 flight from San Francisco is delayed, and I make it to Kansas City at 1:30 am.  Whew! What have I learned so far?  Plan ahead! Now I've made it to the Overland Park Convention Center.  The hallways are filled with Lions from all over the US and Canada.  I take in the Exhibit Hall and the Lions Store.  Luck con

Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House

The Boise Capital Lions Club  gives assistance to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho as one of their ongoing projects.  From collecting pull tabs from soda cans to cooking breakfast, the Lions give back to make things a little brighter for families when their children are undergoing hospital treatment. The recent edition of the Ronald McDonald House newsletter, "Home Matters", features the Lions on the cover page.  Four times a year, the Lions cook breakfast for guests and staff, even bringing cinnamon rolls (yum!) donated by Radean's Restaurant .  To volunteer with Ronald McDonald House, visit their website .  To volunteer with the Boise Capital Lions, visit their website or facebook page. 

New project for the Boise Vista Lions

The Boise Vista Lions are partnering with St. Luke's Children's Hospital to provide a Halloween party for the children who are undergoing treatment at the hospital.  Over the next few weeks, PDG Ashley, Lion Paula Campbell, and other Boise Vista Lions will be visiting Lions clubs.  They will be selling raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt with the proceeds going to St. Luke's Children's to purchase items to make the children's stays less stressful.  Tickets will be $5.00 each or 3 for $10, so be prepared for the Vista Lions to visit your club. The hospital has also provided a list of toys and games they would like to have for the children.  If you can donate any of these things, they would greatly appreciate it. For more information, or to purchase tickets, contact Ashley at 941-3238 or Paula at paulaj at 

Bringing better vision to Mozambique

     “Is anyone interested in going to Mozambique?” asked Henry for at least the 50th time.         “We have 4000 pair of glasses there waiting to be distributed, and no one to do it.”      Thus started our journey to a country situated on the Southeast coast of Africa inhabited by people who speak Portuguese and Macua, but very little English.  This story actually started 3 years prior when Tom Porter, a volunteer for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF),   gave a presentation at the Boise Bench Lions meeting.  There, he met Henry Cardinale, who sorts and distributes glasses for the Idaho Lions Eye Bank and eventually a shipment of glasses was sent to the MAF base in Nampula, Mozambique.  However, they’d been sitting in storage there for nearly 3 years.      Having a love for travel and adventure, we decided this trip would be a great way to celebrate our relatively new status as retired persons.  So our preparations began.  The letter of invitation necessary to apply for visas was

Young artists inspired by peace

January 15th was the first day for clubs to purchase Peace Poster kits for the 2013 -14 contest. It may seem a little early for a contest that ends in November, but by getting a kit or 2 now, you're sure to find a school or youth organization that would like to participate and give them plenty of time to prepare their masterpiece. And there will be masterpieces!  Just take a look at some of the winners that were produced last year (2011-12).  It's truly amazing what kids from 11-13 years old can do.  Trisha Co Reyes, Philippines, 13 year old    Aranas, Arizona, USA, 12 years old Balaj Raisa Lara, Romania, 11 years old Here in District 39W, we have selected a winner for the 2012-13 contest, which goes on to the Multiple District contest. The winner there is sent to Lions International to compete for one of the top 24 spots. We congratulate our winner, sponsored by the Caldwell Lions Club.   Several 39W entries will be on display at the Midwinter C

Lions are dying

I recently attended a meeting at a neighboring club.  The speakers were local Lions, Jonette Flores and Dana Miller from the Nampa Lions Club, talking about how they have five successful  Leo clubs in their area.  The membership in some of these clubs numbers over a hundred.  In the Leo clubs, an enthusiastic adviser, often a teacher in the school where the club is located, is essential.  Lions sponsor the club, pay some of the costs, and work with the adviser and the Leos.  The Nampa Lions Club is exceptional in that they also provide training for the advisers and also for the Leo officers. The Leos themselves determine the service projects or fundraisers they want to do, just like in a Lions club. Dana told of one such project from a middle school group.  The Leos decided they wanted to go Christmas caroling at a local nursing home.  They went to the music department in their school, recruited singers and borrowed sheet music, then crafted favors for the residents. Later that d

Happy New Year!

It's not the Lions New Year, but a new year on the calendar, so it's still a good time to review... Where are you with your goals for your Lions club?  What?  Forgot to make goals?  If you did forget, it's not too late; you still have 6 months left in your Lions year.  Let's call them resolutions...and I'll make a few for you... 1.  Resolve to get ___ new members by June 30th.  You fill in the blank with the number that is achievable, yet a bit of a stretch, for your club.  2.  Invite ___ new people (preferably friends and acquaintances) to your meetings or projects.  If they don't know what you're doing, they probably won't join. (See #1) 3.  Network (that just means visit, nothing formal) with ___ other clubs.  The by-product here, is making new friends.  We can all use those.  The ulterior motive-you'll know who to call if you need some help on a project. 4.  Plan something for your club that is just for fun.  Purely for fun.  Not to rai