Saturday, August 25, 2012

The family of Lions

Today Marge Miller was laid to rest.  I had, of course, met Marge, talking with her on several occasions.  But her funeral service revealed so much more to me about this woman, wife of Past International Director Floyd Miller, than I had been aware of.  Of course, those who knew her best already knew of her caring nature, quick wit, and strong faith.  Hearing the stories of Marge's life, so intertwined with Floyd's, made we wish I had known her better.

But today's blog post is not about Marge or Floyd, or their passion about serving others.  I'll leave that to those more qualified to eulogize.  This is about Lions as family.

Last year's International President Tam often spoke and wrote about how we should treat our Lions members as family.  This is something the Lions in Idaho have taken to heart, long before hearing Tam's message. 

The funeral chapel was filled to overflowing; not just with Marge's family and closest friends, but with Lions.  Many of them in yellow vests, they had come from across the state to Twin Falls, to honor Marge as a Lion and humanitarian to to lend support to Floyd.  This was not about a club losing a member, but about a family mourning-and celebrating the life of-one of its own.

It's something I felt almost immediately after joining Lions-I am part of a large family.  Our belief in serving our fellow man and improving lives binds us.  I just know that wherever I may go, whether in my home district of Idaho, or somewhere else in this country or another-I will be treated as family. 

It's a family of which I'm proud to be a member.