Friday, April 6, 2012

Free webinars for club officers

It's election time for Lions club.  New officers should be reported to LCI no later than May 15. 

Many Lions don't want to step up to leadership roles in their clubs, thinking it takes too much time or they don't know what to do.  Lions International is helping out with webinars this spring that will prepare Lions for their roles as club officers.

Secretaries can learn how to input membership and activity reports.  Treasurers can learn how to pay bills online and learn the responsibilities of being the club treasurer.  In another webinar, officers can learn about working together as a team. 

The secretary webinar is scheduled for April 24, April 27, and May 2.  The treasurer session is set for May 9, May 15 and May 18.  Officers can learn team work June 6, 12, or 15, just in time for the new Lions' year.  Check for times and more information at this link.

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