Sunday, March 18, 2012

When two clubs get together

Boise Riverside Lions and Boise Capital Lions got together St. Patrick's Day for a combined charter party.. What a great idea!

In our District, it's tradition to have a charter party every year.  That makes 47 parties for the district governors to attend.  And, of course, we want other clubs to attend our parties, too, yet there are just so many, how does one decide?

One reason the two clubs combined this year was that they are both small clubs.  By having their parties together, they had a much bigger turnout, the DG attended one party instead of two, and Lions got to mingle with members of other clubs.  (Also represented were Meridian, Star, Parma, and Boise Bench.)

Is this a good idea?  Do you think your club might be open to partnering with another club for a charter party?  Comments encouraged!

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