Monday, August 22, 2011

Like these videos?

Yesterday I started out to tell you about the great new videos from Lions International.  They've really been doing an awesome job with the Lions Quarterly video.  Four times a year they put together several stories about what Lions are doing in all parts of the world.  You can show them at your club meetings with the DVD, watch them direct from the LCI website, or download them free yourself from itunes.  They're usually 12-14 minutes, just the right length for your meeting. 

This month International President Tam's theme, I Believe, is available as a video as is his biography.  Great stuff.  You'll also want to see the new Peace Poster video.  Amazing art work and amazing insight about peace from children.  You can watch any of these online, download them as a podcast or from itunes, or order a DVD. 

In fact there's a whole list of videos available from LCI.  I really think you will enjoy them and be inspired.

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