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I haven't blogged in so long....

I've been very, very bad!  It's been FOREVER since I've written in this blog!  It's actually one of the more enjoyable things that I do for District 39W, but probably not the most important one, so when other things got busy, this took a back seat. No more excuses! We are fast approaching the end of the Lions Year-just a week to go.  It seems amazing to me the year went so fast and soon we will welcome our new District Governor, Doug Beehler, to our club meetings, and Pat will become a PDG (Past District Governor).  Doug will continue with many of the ideas and changes begun by DG Pat, but will have a few tricks of his own up his sleeve.  I'm looking forward to working with Doug as the District Secretary-Treasurer. Yikes!  I hope I'm up to that challenge!  One of the new things I will be doing will be using this space about once a month to blog about all things secretarial.  Club secretaries are very busy people and don't always receive the training