Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boise Bench Lions learning about blogs

I visited Boise Bench Lions yesterday at Casa Mexico.  They invited me to be their guest speaker and tell them just a little about what Lions District 39W is doing to communicate with Lions and the world. 

So in addition to the website, facebook, twitter, the newsletter, and the e-bulletin, I told them about this blog.

The thing about blogs is that they are very easy.  Anyone can start one; anyone can write.  The problem with blogs is that people who start them often end them-rather abruptly.  They just forget them for weeks, months at a time.  Abandonment is the simplest way to lose any readers you might have had.  But I do recommend blogs for Lions Clubs and Leo Clubs because they are so easy to update-just put it on your calendar and write once a week.  (Like I do-yeah, right...That's a "do as I say, not as I do!")

Back to the subject.  The Boise Bench Lions learned where to find this blog and they learned that clicking the comments link below this post and making a comment was highly encouraged.  They wondered if they could copy and paste from MS Word to the comment box, and if there was a limit to the length of their comments.  I'm expecting someone to try that out real soon.

So c'mon Bench Lions, you're on the hot seat!  Comments?

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  1. P.S. I have to add that Boise Bench Lions already has a website, a facebook page, and a newsletter, which allows me to pick on them just a bit!