Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nampa Lions find the golden gavel

You looked at those treasure hunt clues and thought, "This is crazy!"  But Christine Cannon looked at the clues and said, "I will solve this or it will drive me crazy!"   And now she and the Nampa club have a bright, shiny, "golden" gavel. 

It probably didn't hurt that Christine investigates crimes for a living.  And it didn't hurt that Nampa Lions came to the convention with most of the clues decrypted.  But it still took until Saturday afternoon for the gavel "token" to be found.  (Did you really think we'd hide the actual gavel?)   It had been hidden under the fireplace mantle in the lobby of the Courtyard by Marriott since October.  Had anyone solved every clue and put the clues in order, the step by step "map" would have led to the exact spot.  (Eventually).  Nampa didn't follow the entire map, but a little creative thinking and a whole lot of persistence paid off.

A huge "thank you" to Joe Jara  (Star Lions) for helping plan the quest and writing half the clues.  He is way more devious than I am!

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