Friday, February 25, 2011

All the way to Declo

What's there to do on a Saturday night in Rupert?  Go to Declo, of course, for the Declo Lions Charter Party!

You already know, if you read the Paw Prints newsletter, that Declo's club boasts a wide range of ages-actually, from 22 to 93!  And the average just came down on Saturday with the induction of 3 new members, all under the age of 25 (a fourth couldn't make it).

If you're wondering about the Angel Soft in the background, that's a raffle prize.  I'm sure there's a story ...

Lions members from Rupert, Rupert Syringa, Twin Falls, Twin Falls Monarch, Burley, and the District Governor and your faithful scribe from the west side of the state filled the room to capacity.  The comradery among the clubs was evident. Great evening, great food!

 Visiting from Twin Falls Lions, PID Floyd Miller says this photo is proof that all men are not created equal.

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