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All the way to Declo

What's there to do on a Saturday night in Rupert?  Go to Declo, of course, for the Declo Lions Charter Party! You already know, if you read the Paw Prints newsletter, that Declo's club boasts a wide range of ages-actually, from 22 to 93!  And the average just came down on Saturday with the induction of 3 new members, all under the age of 25 (a fourth couldn't make it). If you're wondering about the Angel Soft in the background, that's a raffle prize.  I'm sure there's a story ... Lions members from Rupert, Rupert Syringa, Twin Falls, Twin Falls Monarch, Burley, and the District Governor and your faithful scribe from the west side of the state filled the room to capacity.  The comradery among the clubs was evident. Great evening, great food!  Visiting from Twin Falls Lions, PID Floyd Miller says this photo is proof that all men are not created equal.

Visiting Vale

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a club meeting in Vale, along with the District Governor.  I was really impressed with all the fund raising activities the Vale Lions do to generate money to help dozens of projects and organizations in their community.  You'll see more about that in the next issue of the newsletter. Vale Lions Club   Stirring up trouble!     Vale meets here! The District Governor presents a certificate.

Nampa Lions find the golden gavel

You looked at those treasure hunt clues and thought, "This is crazy!"  But Christine Cannon looked at the clues and said, "I will solve this or it will drive me crazy!"   And now she and the Nampa club have a bright, shiny, "golden" gavel.  It probably didn't hurt that Christine investigates crimes for a living.  And it didn't hurt that Nampa Lions came to the convention with most of the clues decrypted.  But it still took until Saturday afternoon for the gavel "token" to be found.  (Did you really think we'd hide the actual gavel?)   It had been hidden under the fireplace mantle in the lobby of the Courtyard by Marriott since October.  Had anyone solved every clue and put the clues in order, the step by step "map" would have led to the exact spot.  (Eventually).  Nampa didn't follow the entire map, but a little creative thinking and a whole lot of persistence paid off. A huge "thank you" to Joe Jara  (St

It happened at the Midwinter....

The Midwinter Convention got off to a great start on Friday evening.  After an hour plus of Cabinet meeting, we were definitely ready for some food and the International Food Fair did not disappoint!  The participating clubs prepared plenty of food and the variety was outstanding. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a few more clubs participating, but now I'm getting picky.  And I can't believe no one chose Mexico as their country!  (I really like Mexican food!)  Congrats to Boise Riverside Lions for their winning table of Swedish foods.  Really, really good!   Lion Angie with the winning entry.  Loved those cookies! Many thanks to Wood River Cellars for providing some wines for tasting.  If you enjoyed the wine, be sure to visit the winery located between Eagle and Star. Nadine Tackitt and Dale Wilson provided the musical entertainment for the evening.  If you would like to schedule them for one of your events, contact Dale at 286-7505. What

Take the post-convention survey

What a busy weekend at the 39W Midwinter Convention!  Over the next few days, I'll give you some highlights of the convention along with some photos (if people with cameras will send me some!). Before we get started with that, however, it's you're turn to give an opinion.  If you attended the convention and did not fill out a survey form before you left, here's the online version .  It will only take a few minutes and it is completely anonymous, so fill in those comments! We'll see you back here later for the convention recap.

Less than a week...

...until the Midwinter Convention in Meridian, Idaho!  It's not too late to: register enter the International Food Fair spiff up that scrapbook solve some clues and hunt for the golden gavel Did you know: All Lions can come Friday night at 7:00 without registering? You can bring your spouse or guest for no registration fee? Delegates are voting on 2nd Vice District Governor and a by-laws revision? International Director Anne Smarsh from Kansas will be there? Congratulations to Ontario Lions Club, winner of the raffle for the convention package! Need some clues? Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Find all the convention information here .