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A charter party murder mystery

I usually try not to talk about my club too much-don't want you to think this is a Star Lions blog- but my club held its charter party last Friday.  And it was so much fun, I just wanted to share some photos.  Plus, I haven't had any photos on here in awhile and I really needed to add some color. The party theme was a murder mystery-who killed Bubba.  Seems everyone had a reason... Was it Sheriff Sissy, Twila, trailer park owner, or the bingo caller/karaoke DJ, Dusty?   Was it Rowdy, the biker, or Carney, the drifter?  Or was it that slick preacher, Billy Bob, or his lovely wife, Mary Kay? Who do you think it was?

39E Mid-winter convention

Wow, what a great opportunity I had representing the Lions of 39W during the 39E convention which was held this last weekend. I am just amazed at the wonderful things that Lions do throughout our region. Now more than ever we need to work together for the betterment of serving others. The Lions of District 39E are awesome and I sincerely thank them for allowing me to enjoy, share and meet those who unselfishly give of themselves in Lionism. Makes me proud to be a Lion!

Only 30 days til Midwinter

January is almost halfway over and the District 39W Midwinter Convention is only a month away.   The committee has been working for months but now the countdown begins for the rest of the Lions.  Here's your list of things to do: Put your name on the ballot for 2nd Vice District Governor.  Or suggest someone else for the position-some people need a shove. Get to work on those treasure hunt clues.  They won't solve themselves and you won't have time if you wait until you get to the Courtyard.  Register your club for the International Food Fair .  I don't know about you, but I'm going to want some snacks on Friday night.  (Especially after DG Pat's Cabinet meeting...) Buy your raffle ticket for the convention package.  A winner will be drawn at the end of this month. Register for the convention.  Register early and save some bucks. (If you win the raffle, your money will be refunded.) Encourage all your fellow Lions to come to the convention.  Support yo

2010 was a blur...

Is it just me or did the past year just fly by?  We're already one week into 2011-at least we got the resolutions written! What happened in 2010?  It's a bit of a blur, but I remember a few things... The year started off with lots of blogging, lots of vision testing and some charter parties.  The Boise Special Olympics Lions celebrated their first birthday in February. Then, it was time for the District 39W convention.  DG Shirley's theme was a circus event complete with balloons, Lions, and clowns,  or was it Lions that were clowning around with balloons?  Also in February, the Lions came together to help the Winter Camp for the Blind  stay afloat with generous donations-a proud moment in 2010! In March, Opening Eyes at the Idaho Special Olympics Winter Games screened 100 athletes. About half needed new prescriptions; most of the others received sunglasses or sports goggles.  May brought the end of the district membership drive with Boise Special Olympics Lions