Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for Lions

What will your resolutions be?  The same ones you always make and never keep?  Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, work less?  Great concepts, but how about making-and keeping-some Lions resolutions?  Here, I'll get you started...

1.  I resolve to bring in one new member to my club this year. 

Yes, just one.  After all, how many did you bring in last year?  This is a reasonable goal, and if every Lion does this--can you imagine?

2.  I resolve to attend another club's meeting, fundraiser, or event at least once.

Again, not asking for much here-just one time.  If all Lions did this, think of the possibilities.  We're all about helping-let's help each other.

3.  I resolve to attend at least part of the 39W or MD 39 conventions. 

Have you ever been?  Why not?  The more people, the more fun.

4.  I resolve to volunteer for something I've never volunteered for before. 

Maybe it's a committee in your club.  Maybe it's to be the chair person of that committee.  How about volunteering for a District position?  Expand your horizons!

5.  I resolve to attend __% of my club's meetings. 

You fill in the blank to increase your attendance.  Our clubs typically have only 50%  of their members attending meetings.  You're missing out on educational and leadership opportunities if you don't attend, not to mention missing out on friendship and fun.

OK, now it's your turn.  Hit the "comments" link below and add your Lions resolutions.  Then keep them.

Happy New Year!

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