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New Year's Resolutions for Lions

What will your resolutions be?  The same ones you always make and never keep?  Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, work less?  Great concepts, but how about making-and keeping-some Lions resolutions?  Here, I'll get you started... 1.  I resolve to bring in one new member to my club this year.  Yes, just one.  After all, how many did you bring in last year?  This is a reasonable goal, and if every Lion does this--can you imagine? 2.  I resolve to attend another club's meeting, fundraiser, or event at least once. Again, not asking for much here-just one time.  If all Lions did this, think of the possibilities.  We're all about helping-let's help each other. 3.  I resolve to attend at least part of the 39W or MD 39 conventions.  Have you ever been?  Why not?  The more people, the more fun. 4.  I resolve to volunteer for something I've never volunteered for before.  Maybe it's a committee in your club.  Maybe it's to be the chair person of

What country will you choose?

The Midwinter Convention has a new contest this year-the International Food Fair!  Very appropriate since Lions Club is an international organization! This is a club contest, although if you are the only person in your club who wants to do it, go ahead and enter.  That would be sad, to have only one person interested.  But not as sad as having no entry at all!  Anyway, pick a country, do a little research and find a few great recipes from that country, put together some table decorations, and bring your food on Friday night, February 11th, to the Courtyard by Marriott.  You are free to bring any kind of food, but appetizers, finger foods, and desserts would work especially well.  Clubs will be judged on food and presentation.  Yes, there will be prizes! You can find the rules and entry form on the website.

Christmas Eve away from home

December 24th, Christmas Eve.  Most Americans are with their families:  husbands with wives, parents with their children, grandparents with grandchildren....But this year, as is true every year, thousands of America's military men and women spend Christmas without their families, and far from home.  For the past five years, the Boise Bench Lions Club has remembered our service men and women and their families on Christmas Eve by sponsoring a walk from Julia Davis Park to the Capitol steps.  It's not much time out of the hectic holiday schedule, only about an hour, not much at all compared to the time our service people are away from family.  Several Lions Club members and friends made the short walk to say a public "thank you" to our military and their families, waving flags, singing carols.  Lion Tom Young, a WWII vet and POW spoke briefly, a heartfelt prayer-he knows the sacrifice.  The night was cold,  hearts were warmed.  Thank you for your service.