Monday, November 22, 2010

Is this what you thought Lions would be like?

Several of my fellow Lions club members and I were chatting while warming after a service project this afternoon (it was chilly out there today!).   This question was posed to one of our newer members:  "Is this what you expected when you joined Lions?"

While he was answering, I thought about what my response would be to that question-and for me, it was no, this isn't what I thought the Lions club would be like.  No, not at all.

If I had had any idea what Lions club was really like, or what the Lions members themselves were like, I would have joined many years ago.  It's not just the good that you can do when a group works together, it's also about how the individuals in that group become your family, your friends, and your support.  I had no idea...

As for our new member, he said, with a grin, it was pretty much what he thought. And for him, and for us, that is a good thing. 

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