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Is this what you thought Lions would be like?

Several of my fellow Lions club members and I were chatting while warming after a service project this afternoon (it was chilly out there today!).   This question was posed to one of our newer members:  "Is this what you expected when you joined Lions?" While he was answering, I thought about what my response would be to that question-and for me, it was no, this isn't what I thought the Lions club would be like.  No, not at all. If I had had any idea what Lions club was really like, or what the Lions members themselves were like, I would have joined many years ago.  It's not just the good that you can do when a group works together, it's also about how the individuals in that group become your family, your friends, and your support.  I had no idea... As for our new member, he said, with a grin, it was pretty much what he thought. And for him, and for us, that is a good thing. 

Thanking the Veterans in downtown Boise

The annual Veterans Day Parade was held in downtown Boise on Saturday.  Thanks to Boise Bench Lion Happy Olsen, the Lions were again part of the festivities.  This year, the MSU (Mobile Screening Unit), a convertible with rodeo queens, a decorated flatbed trailer, and Lions and Leos on foot joined the procession.  I wrote on this blog a year ago about the same event-a great way to say "thank you" to our Veterans and show support for our active military.  If you missed it this year, put it on your calendar now for 2011-you won't be disappointed.

It started a year ago...

It was just about one year ago that this blog began.  Seventy plus posts, well over one thousand visitors, and a handful of comments later, we're still finding things to write about, because--well, Lions are still busy helping out where they can.  We're proud to be listed on the blog roll of Lions International and hope Lions around the world occasionally check in to see what's going on in SW Idaho and E Oregon.  We hope our local Lions continue to visit every now and then, too! So onward to year number two-more posts, more visitors, more busy Lions!