Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Need your vision checked?

I'd been doing a little whining lately about so few events being on the Lions calendar.  I knew Lions weren't taking vacations from serving their communities, but yet, the calendar remained nearly blank.

Aha!  I've caught up with the Lions Clubs!

They've been busy doing vision screenings!

Lions clubs around the state are busy in the fall screening vision and hearing in the schools.  Typically, they screen children in grades K, 1, 3, and 5, although some clubs screen other  grades as well.  The Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation, the Foundation that belongs to and serves the Lions clubs, has a "Mobile Screening Unit" (MSU).  The MSU travels around the state (and E. Oregon) and houses a sound proof hearing booth and several vision screening machines.  Lions and other volunteers in the communities are trained in using the equipment.  Thousands are screened in the fall and referrals made as needed. 

Do Lions screen in all schools?  Not all-some schools have their own screening programs and some have probably just been missed.  If you know of a school that would like the students' vision and hearing screened by the Lions, contact the Foundation office at 338-LION (5466).  By the way, it's free. 

 Now that I've added this information the calendar, everyone can see what the Lions are doing in their communities.  And I'm not whining.

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