Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meridian Lions Club Charters a LEO (Youth Development) Club

Over 70 youths, parents, and members of the Meridian Lions Club attended the charter ceremony and induction of students at Renaissance High School into the newly formed LEO Club. The event was held August 26th at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Meridian.

LEO clubs for youth are sponsored by Lions Clubs International with the purpose of providing youth with the opportunity for development as responsible members of the local, national and international community. The word LEO stands for “Leadership, Experience and Opportunity”. District Governor Pat Brown of Boise inducted the 21 charter members of the club and members were presented with their official charter and membership pin.

The newly formed LEO Club has established their Vision Statement as: “We strive to improve the lives of people within, not only our community, but international communities as well”. Their Mission Statement is “The LEO members of Renaissance are dedicated to supporting our surrounding community and people throughout the world with passionate and committed service.” The advisor for the club at Renaissance High School is Andrew Hunter and adult advisors from the Meridian Lions Club are Dan Bingaman, Loraine Hand, and Marty Mundt.

Pictured Left to Right:

Back Row: Marty Mundt Lions Advisor, Pat Brown District Governor, Skip Hoseley LEO Youth Chair from Kuna Lions, and Mark Snodgrass President of the Meridian Lions Club

Center: Officers of the LEO Club from Renaissance High School, Marlee Peterson Treasurer, Delaney Glass Vice President, Mikayla Payne President, and Loraine Hand Lions Advisor

Kneeling: Andrew Hunter Teacher and School Advisor from Renaissance High School holding the framed charter of the LEO Club

Article/Photo by Lion John Mundt of the Meridian Lions Club


  1. Congratulations to the Renaissance LEO Club and the Meridian Lions! Can't wait to see the great things you will do!

  2. Congratulations to DG Pat, Leo District Chair Skip, Meridian Club President Mark and Leo Advisor Andrew on making an enormous impact on 21 youth at Renaissance High School. Your dedication to Lionism and Leos will have positive ripple effects for many years to come.
    While experiencing personal growth they will make a difference in our community and change lives forever including their own.
    Gary B. D'Orazio
    International Director