Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lions Radio Las Vegas

Last Sunday night, Lions from across the country participated in a radio talk show called "Lion's Pride" on KLAV radio Las Vegas.  Lion's Pride, on Sundays from 8:00-9:00 pm Mountain Time, promotes non-profits, service clubs, and other volunteer groups in the Clark County, Nevada, area.  Sunday it was the Lions turn.

Our own Deanna Rostock was invited to participate along with John Barnett from Arkansas (who many of you know) and two other Lions.  They each answered a few questions about their District and what their clubs were doing.

Deanna mentioned our District's recent participation in Opening Eyes at the Special Olympics with emphasis on the World Winter Games and the charter of the Boise Special Olympics Lions Club.  She also related her personal story of why she became a Lion-to give back after her nieces were born with glaucoma and received help from Lions.

Great job, Deanna!

Recruitment is a very popular and important topic for Lions Clubs everywhere and social media was mentioned as a good avenue to reach more Lions and younger Lions.  So don't forget about our Facebook page or our new presence on Twitter

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