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Don't scam the Lions...

Last week many of us received an email supposedly from International Director Gary asking for our help as he was stranded in Madrid.  We all know ID Gary travels a lot and he's not shy about asking for our help, but this email had "scam" written all over it.  First, Gary wasn't in Madrid, but in Milwaukee at the USA/Canada Leadership Forum.  And if you've ever gotten an email from Gary, you know it would probably be written something like this: "Fellow 39ers, I am visiting Madrid and speaking to Lions clubs here about getting new members and handing out potato the way, I need some more of those if anyone can get some...I lost my wallet and I've been trying to talk the hotel into letting me entertain with some jokes....they're not buying I really need you to send me some money, eh? Thanks, Your ID from ID" But then, would ID Gary really need our help?  I bet he could convince the locals, wherever he was, to lend a hand.

Lions Laugh with Richie Holliday

Wednesday night at the Bull's Head Pub in Meridian, Lions had an opportunity to raise money for the Sight and Hearing Foundation and laugh at the comedy of Richie Holliday .  The event was also promoted as a district membership night, for Lions to bring potential new members or just to hang out with Lions from other clubs. Richie Holliday is a professional comedian who performs around the country at clubs, universities, and other venues.  His stories about growing up, moving, dating, and hunting had the laughter coming non-stop.   His parents, Joe and Robin Jara, happen to be Lions, which made some of the jokes especially funny. Sadly, the event was not well-attended.  If you missed the show, you missed a great evening out, tailor-made for Lions and their guests.  What can I say?  Maybe next time?

Meridian Lions Club Charters a LEO (Youth Development) Club

Over 70 youths, parents, and members of the Meridian Lions Club attended the charter ceremony and induction of students at Renaissance High School into the newly formed LEO Club. The event was held August 26th at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Meridian. LEO clubs for youth are sponsored by Lions Clubs International with the purpose of providing youth with the opportunity for development as responsible members of the local, national and international community. The word LEO stands for “Leadership, Experience and Opportunity”. District Governor Pat Brown of Boise inducted the 21 charter members of the club and members were presented with their official charter and membership pin. The newly formed LEO Club has established their Vision Statement as: “We strive to improve the lives of people within, not only our community, but international communities as well”. Their Mission Statement is “The LEO members of Renaissance are dedicated to supporting our surrounding community and peopl

Lions Radio Las Vegas

Last Sunday night, Lions from across the country participated in a radio talk show called "Lion's Pride" on KLAV radio Las Vegas.  Lion's Pride, on Sundays from 8:00-9:00 pm Mountain Time, promotes non-profits, service clubs, and other volunteer groups in the Clark County, Nevada, area.  Sunday it was the Lions turn. Our own Deanna Rostock was invited to participate along with John Barnett from Arkansas (who many of you know) and two other Lions.  They each answered a few questions about their District and what their clubs were doing. Deanna mentioned our District's recent participation in Opening Eyes at the Special Olympics with emphasis on the World Winter Games and the charter of the Boise Special Olympics Lions Club.  She also related her personal story of why she became a Lion-to give back after her nieces were born with glaucoma and received help from Lions. Great job, Deanna! Recruitment is a very popular and important topic for Lions Clubs everyw