Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you can stand the heat...

You guessed it-more Lions cooking!  It's Caldwell Night Rodeo time and the Caldwell Lions spend a whole week cooking up burgers, dogs, steak fingers, onion rings, and tater gems (or tots as we Sonic aficionados call them). While the "Lion Dogs" and "Lion Burgers" may be a bit confusing for some of the smaller cowboys and cowgirls, everyone else is well-acquainted with the Lions booth at the rodeo. 
You want Tater Gems with that?

I spent yesterday evening (what was it-nearly 100 degrees?) helping out the Caldwell crew along with DG Pat.  Tuesday isn't their busiest day, but everyone was still hustling to serve the hungry customers.  You can tell they've done this before and are well-prepared for the bigger crowds to come.

Let's see...cheeseburger, $4, Lion dog, $3.00....

The Caldwell High School band helped out, selling sodas and water in the grandstand.  Water was a big seller!  Did I mention it was hot?

You've got the rest of the week to head out to Caldwell, cheer on the cowboys, bulls, and broncs, and have some of those famous steak fingers to support the Lions!  

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