Thursday, August 5, 2010

Email on steriods

We currently have 1247 members in Lions District 39W spread over a very large geographical area, from eastern Oregon all the way east to the Twin Falls area.  Ten or twenty years ago, it must have been pretty difficult to let everyone know what everyone else was doing, not to mention the cost of long distance telephone service or all those stamps!

In 2010, though, we have a much easier time, with the potential of near instantaneous communication through  email, blogs, and Facebook.  Yet even those methods require some action on each end, because, so far, we can't read each other's thoughts.

The current campaign to reach more Lions with timely news and announcements continues with the launch of the e-Bulletin.  Actually, it's just email on steroids.  What we've done is combined all the small emails that we might want to send out and all the event announcements with flyers, and added all the links that you might need, then wrapped that up in one pretty package.  An added benefit is that ANY Lion can receive it, not just the presidents and secretaries that we've sent to in the past.  So there's no reason for anyone to feel left out of the loop.

So how do you get on the list to get the e-bulletin?  Simple.  Click here to sign up!  It takes you through a couple of steps to verify your address and if you really want to join.  (If you decide later you don't want to be on the list, unsubscribing is just one click.)  I hope you'll try it out!

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