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If you can stand the heat...

You guessed it-more Lions cooking!  It's Caldwell Night Rodeo time and the Caldwell Lions spend a whole week cooking up burgers, dogs, steak fingers, onion rings, and tater gems (or tots as we Sonic aficionados call them). While the "Lion Dogs" and "Lion Burgers" may be a bit confusing for some of the smaller cowboys and cowgirls, everyone else is well-acquainted with the Lions booth at the rodeo.    You want Tater Gems with that? I spent yesterday evening (what was it-nearly 100 degrees?) helping out the Caldwell crew along with DG Pat.  Tuesday isn't their busiest day, but everyone was still hustling to serve the hungry customers.  You can tell they've done this before and are well-prepared for the bigger crowds to come. Let's see...cheeseburger, $4, Lion dog, $3.00.... The Caldwell High School band helped out, selling sodas and water in the grandstand.  Water was a big seller!  Did I mention it was hot? You've got the rest of th

Lions and Laughs

Mark the date on your calendar-September 8th! If you missed hearing comedian Richie Holliday last year at Star's Charter Party, you have a second chance!  This year, Richie is performing for Lions and future Lions at a Fundraiser/Membership Drive event at the Bull's Head Pub in Meridian.  Doors open at 6:30 pm. This is an event for all Lions to attend and bring a potential member-you all know that one person who would make a great Lion but either you don't know how to ask them or they are just a little reluctant?  This is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to Lions in a fun, social atmosphere. There will be Lions literature and applications available and lots of Lions to answer questions or just mingle with.     As for the fundraiser part, proceeds will be donated to the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.  Advance tickets are $8.00, and at the door, it will cost you $10.  All tickets include one free drink!  You can get your advance tickets by contacting Lion

Lions and food

There were some great Lions events last week in case you missed them.  Seems like Lions are great cooks.  There's always a breakfast or dinner going on. The Gem Lions served the annual Buckaroo Breakfast to kick off the Gem/Boise County fair.  It was a beautiful morning at the city park in downtown Emmett.  The Lions served pancakes as big as your plate with all the other breakfast goodies.  Then last Friday, the Kuna Lions made dinner for about 400 at Kuna Days.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken-no one should have gone away hungry!  And no rain this year! Getting ready! Coming up next week are a couple more "Lions as Chefs" events.  The Caldwell Lions have their food booth again this year at the Caldwell Night Rodeo, which starts next week.  That is one crazy busy place to be and I don't think they'd turn down any extra hands!  Give them a call!  The Capital Lions are serving breakfast and lunch to the Optimist football players and coaches and they could de

Email on steriods

We currently have 1247 members in Lions District 39W spread over a very large geographical area, from eastern Oregon all the way east to the Twin Falls area.  Ten or twenty years ago, it must have been pretty difficult to let everyone know what everyone else was doing, not to mention the cost of long distance telephone service or all those stamps! In 2010, though, we have a much easier time, with the potential of near instantaneous communication through  email, blogs, and Facebook.  Yet even those methods require some action on each end, because, so far, we can't read each other's thoughts. The current campaign to reach more Lions with timely news and announcements continues with the launch of the e-Bulletin.  Actually, it's just email on steroids.  What we've done is combined all the small emails that we might want to send out and all the event announcements with flyers, and added all the links that you might need, then wrapped that up in one pretty package.  An ad