Monday, June 7, 2010

Oops, did you forget your PU 101?

My PU what?  The PU 101 is the name given to the officer reporting form that LCI (Lions Clubs International) requests that you fill out to report your incoming officers.  It is available online on the LCI website and either the club secretary or president has access and can submit it.  The due date was May 15, but if you missed the deadline you can still submit it-and the sooner the better!

By submitting your new officer information, your club secretary and president will be given a password that they can use to submit the monthly membership and activity reports.  They will also receive the LCI communications that are sent out periodically.  And it's not just for LCI-your District Governor and Communications chairperson  will also have the information so your club will be in the loop with what's happening in the other clubs and around District 39W. 

If you have any problems submitting the info, contact your friendly IT Chair through the website. Or submit a comment below.

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