Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lions battle of the sexes

In the June message to Lions from International President Wirfs, he summarizes the successes of his 2009-2010 platform "Move to Grow" which focused on increasing membership.  He reports that LCI numbers have increased by approximated 58,000 through May with all constitutional areas reporting growth except Canada and the US. 

One thing I found particularly interesting was the number of women members.  Out of just over 1.35 million Lions, only 298,592 are women.  This made me wonder how our District 39W fares in men vs. women, so I went to the LCI report section to find out.  While our ratio is better (that is, a larger percentage of women) men still out number women by a margin of 2-1.  Well, this definitely got me to thinking...Ladies, we need to do something about this discrepancy and invite more women to join Lions.  Take a look at your club-could you use a few more good female members?

President Wirfs makes good point about keeping members.  Before you drop a member (male or female) at the end of June, take a moment to give them a personal phone call and tell them you care about them.  They may just decide to stay.

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