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Barbecues, sales, and the true meaning of Memorial Day

Lions Clubs and Lions around the country take part in Memorial Day observances in various ways-flying American flags in their cities and towns, placing flags on Veterans' graves, and attending ceremonies.  When Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971, it became a 3-day weekend to camp, barbecue, shop, and quite often forget instead of remember those who gave their lives for our country.  As Lions, and Americans, let's take more than a moment to remember...and give honor to the thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Flags dot cemeteries around country. The American Legion honors those who have given their lives. N ever forget...

A trio of events...

Saturday was a cold, rainy, and pretty much miserable day weather-wise in the Treasure Valley, but that didn't keep the Lions indoors!  From the Star Lions yard sale, to the Riverside Lions Paws in the Park, to the Vallivue Charter Party, there was plenty to do.  Unfortunately, the Boise Special Olympics "Racing for a Reason" had to be canceled (they probably don't have windshield wipers on race cars...). Here are a few photos from Saturday and Sunday: Meridian Rodeo Queens lead "Paws in the Park"   Midvale's lion is in trouble at Vallivue's Charter Party Why is Vallivue's flag at Star's yard sale? Let us know if you held an event this past weekend!  Click the blue "Comments" link below.

Tales from Sun Valley

Where have I been?  Most recently, the MD 39 Lions Convention at Sun Valley!  It was a busy week leading up to the weekend because I tend to procrastinate a bit, or as my sister says, I just work better under pressure. It was worth it, though-it was a great weekend! My philosophy, as it was with the Midwinter convention, is that convention is what you make of it.  Once again, it was great to see Lions from across the state, to meet new people and to give old friends a hug.  Conventions always seems to bring 1) lots of awards, 2) lots of speeches, and 3) lots of parties! First, some of the awards.  As mentioned last week, Boise Special Olympics Lions won the 39W membership contest by adding 8 new members and CC Lion Bob Flowers was the individual who sponsored the most Lions (7) in March and April.  Unfortunately, these awards were mentioned, but not celebrated as much as they should have been.  With our declining numbers, these awards were very important.  Two new awards were p

Inquiring minds want to know...

...who won the membership contest? April 30th was the final day to sign up new members for the contest in MD 39 clubs.  As you probably recall, the club with the most new members in the 2 month period would win registration and 2 nights lodging in Sun Valley for 2 for the convention.  The Lion signing up the most members would win the same prize.  The Boise Special Olympics Lions Club was chartered in 2009 and like many new clubs, they suffered some newbie pains as they settled into forming the framework of their club.  They were down to 13 members, but in just 2 short months they added 8, bringing them up to 21.  That's a  61% gain and good for 1st place and bragging rights!  We'll see you at the Convention! At the other end of the spectrum in terms of size and age, the Parma Lion are 65 years old and tallied 80 members before the contest.  Adding 8 members brought them to 88, of course, that's only 10%.  But when one individual Lions scores 7 of those new members, y

Sun Valley Convention celebrates Armed Forces Day

Coming up soon-The MD 39 Convention in Sun Valley is taking place May 14-16!  There's still time to make plans to go!  This year's convention theme is "Armed Forces Day" which is celebrated on the third Saturday in May each year.  The day was created in 1949 to honor the military serving in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines as a group instead of each branch having a separate "day".  The creation of Armed Forces Day coincides with the unification of the armed forces under the Department of Defense.  The 2010 theme is "United in Strength".  You can read more about Armed Forces Day on the US Dept. of Defense website. Back to the convention-all the information can be found on the Lions 39W website including a registration form.  Take the opportunity to get out of town and relax with friends in beautiful Sun Valley!  See you there!