Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lions Den of thieves...

I've been searching around for something to blog about this week and today was emailed a bit of interesting information. It seems the Vallivue Lions are at it again.

Back in October, several members of the Vallivue Lions visited the Star charter party and made off with a  framed award that had just been presented by VDG Pat.  They demanded that a Star Lion or 2 visit their club to retrieve the certificate.  Star Lions played along.  VDG Pat printed a replacement award, and he and a few Star Lions made the trek to the Vallivue Lions Den with the "fake" award for laughs and a pie to exchange for the original award.

Last week, some Vallivue Lions (probably the same suspects?) attended the Midvale charter party and absconded with a couple of items, pictured below.   All they are asking this time is that Midvale Lions return the favor and come to the Vallivue charter party, tentatively scheduled for May 22.  (A quick check of the calendar shows May 22nd to be very busy...)

All I can say is that Vallivue better have everything nailed down!

A stolen Lion.

A pilfered plaque

How did such a large lion find its way to Vallivue?

Who, me? 


  1. Vallivue Lions have confirmed that their Charter Party is May 22, probably around 6:30 or 7:00.

  2. I am glad to see the Vallivue Lions getting out and about and having some fun!! Maybe their efforts will get some of the other clubs out visiting each other, not to "borrow" club property, but to visit and share ideas. Go Vallivue!!