Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last call for membership contest!

It's the final week of the District 39W membership contest!  Only a few more days to sign up those wannabe Lions-c'mon, you can do it!

There have been some rumors floating around that one club has signed up 8 plus new members, another with a 30% increase, still other clubs aren't saying... We'll know pretty soon who wins the 2 nights stay in Sun Valley and convention registration, and if any of the rumors are based in fact.

No matter who gets the prize, adding more dedicated Lions to our clubs is a win for all of us.  Recruiting is a year around priority, and the contest has put a spotlight on membership growth.  The new members you've added will bring new ideas to your club, lots of enthusiasm, and more hands to provide service to your community.

The next challenge is to continue adding new members after the April 30 contest deadline.  And just as importantly, keeping all the members you have.  Share your ideas for membership with the rest of us!  Click the "comments" link below.

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