Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Have you filled out the convention survey?

The committee for next year's 39W Midwinter Convention, chaired by Lion Linda Clemenger, is actively seeking input for the 2011 convention.  They've come up with a short survey which is basically 2 questions:  "If you didn't go to the 2010 convention, why not?" and "What break-out sessions would you like to go to?"  A few choices are listed to get you started thinking, but there are three spaces to fill in your own ideas. 

After you've completed the survey, you'll end up back on the same page where you can scroll to the bottom and write in anything you want in the "Convention Ideas".  Got an idea for Friday or Saturday night entertainment?  Who would you like to hear as a keynote speaker?   What do you think of the food?  The cost?  The time?  The place?   Do you want more education, more socialization?  Write as much as you want on anything having to do with the Midwinter Convention. 

Never been?  Doesn't matter.  Always go?  All the better!   Click here to get started!

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