Friday, March 26, 2010

Just being a little corny

Boise Capital Lions Club would like to introduce you to their new endeavor-they call it "Corn Toss".  Also known as "Cornhole", this game consists of throwing bags filled with corn toward a platform 30 feet away and trying to land the bag in a hole in the platform.  Rules are similar to horseshoes, with 3 points scored for a "cornhole" and 1 point scored for an "ace", or a bag that lands on the platform.  Apparently Corn Toss is most popular in Kentucky, Illinois, and Cincinnati, with each area claiming its origination.

Now it's in Boise, Idaho, and the Capital Lions are having some fun with it.

Introduced at their Charter Dinner last night, the Lions were having some fun trying out the game.  They'd like other Lions Clubs to play and would like to eventually have Lions tournaments.  They also hope to have other groups use the games at barbecues and picnics (it's best played outside as a lawn game) as a club fundraiser or club sponsored event.

If you want more information about the game, contact PDG Lion Laura or any member of the Boise Capital Club.

Will Corn Toss catch on?  What do you think?

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