Sunday, February 14, 2010

Midwinter Convention--day 2

The 2010 Midwinter Convention is now in the books.  A lot of work goes into planning the convention- renting the space,  planning the menus,  arranging speakers and displays, decorating, collecting prizes, setting up, tearing down....Great job, Lions!   (Can't begin to name all the people involved-I'd leave someone out, for sure!)   Your time and effort is appreciated!

Why do Lions go to conventions?  I listed some reasons last month-as an example, let's see how I did: 
  • Meet new people-Yes, met several people from around the state.
  • See old friends-Yes, saw lots of  friends.
  • Network-Yes, talked to many Lions about their clubs.
  • Have fun-Yes, had some laughs.
  • Attend a class-No, didn't do this.
  • Learn something-Yes, learned about Pedia Vision-awesome technology!
  • Eat and drink-Wow, plenty to eat; don't think I need anything today!
  • Vote, if you're a delegate-Yes, did that. Be fun to have some competitions in the future, but those "elected" are great choices.
  • Be motivated-Yes, I'm already forming new ideas which will take shape in the coming weeks.
  • Be inspired-Not sure I was truly inspired, but I'll take being motivated.
  • Win prizes-I didn't win a thing, but was able to buy one of those cute circus wagons from the tables.
So I'd say I did pretty well and got most things out of the convention that I expected.

Flip side, why do Lions not go to conventions?  Here are some of the negatives I heard around the room:
  • Too expensive-clubs don't help with registration
  • Not enough education offered
  • Too much time with nothing going on
  • Not well organized
  • Same thing every year  
You know you can't please all the people all the time, but can these negatives be improved?  What are the reasons that other Lions didn't bother to attend at all?  Will you go next year?  How would you rate the convention?  What did you like and what did you not like?  Got an opinion?  Hit the comment link below!

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    1. thought the convention was fun for the most part. seemed a little disorganized at times but still had a great time. Nice decorations, fun tailtwisters, loved Vincent Kituku and Nicole OSwald. Was worth the price of admission and cheaper than 39E's convention.