Sunday, February 28, 2010

District 39W Membership Drive!!!

Our Lions Clubs are shrinking! Please join in the Lions 39W District membership drive and help reverse the trend. Recruit new members! Retain the current members! Revitalize your club! The club with the largest percentage of net growth between March 1st and May 1st will win the Club contest, and the individual Lion who recruits the most new members will win the Lion contest.

Ready, set, GROW!

A representative of the winning Lions Club and the winning Lion will each receive:
· Registration for 2 at the 2010 Sun Valley MD39 Convention
· Two nights stay at Sun Valley for the Convention
· Your name or club name on a plaque displayed at the Eye Bank
· Bragging rights for the year
· All the benefits of a growing, thriving Lions Club (priceless)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update on Lions Winter Camp for the Blind

The amazing Lions clubs and individuals from District 39W and 39E have to date raised approximately $4,100.00 in support of the Lions Winter Camp for the Blind. This ongoing effort in generating the funds needed to cover state educational shortfalls allows these children to participate in an annual event they so look forward to year in and year out. There are over 20 students now signed up as of today. For those who would like to go up and spend a day or all weekend (March 5th-7th) please contact Lion Walt Cochran at 208-316-9340. Hope to see you there!! Always proud to be a Lion, DGE Lion Pat

Lions Global Youth Music Competition

 A new contest this year, the Lions Global Youth Music Competition is underway.  In case you haven't heard, Nicole Oswald, granddaughter of Lions Del and Sandy Oswald, members of the Meridian Noon Lions, is Multi District 39's winning violinist.  Many of you heard Nicole perform at this year's District 39W convention or at the Sun Valley convention last May. 

This week, the USA competition heats up on You Tube, where a panel of jurors is judging the musicians.  You can hear Nicole and the other contestants on the Lions You Tube Channel or read more about the contest at the Lions International website.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Facebook fan box

Not a fan of Lions39W on Facebook?  Not sure what Facebook is?  Don't want to join Facebook?  That's OK, I resisted for quite a while, too.   You can still see the Lions 39W Facebook posts just by coming here to the blog.  On the left hand column, scroll down until you see Lions 39W's Facebook Fan Box.  There you can see pictures of some of our "fans" and read what's been written on the Facebook page.  Just one more way for us to communicate! 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patriotism Essay Contest-coming soon to a school near you

The annual Patriotism Essay Contest presented by the Lions of District 39 is underway!  Students in elementary schools across southern Idaho and eastern Oregon are writing about this year's topic, "Who is my American Hero and Why?"  The contest is open to students in 1st through 6th grades and each grade is judged separately.  The kids come up with some amazing essays!  You can read more about the contest on our website.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Midwinter Convention--day 2

The 2010 Midwinter Convention is now in the books.  A lot of work goes into planning the convention- renting the space,  planning the menus,  arranging speakers and displays, decorating, collecting prizes, setting up, tearing down....Great job, Lions!   (Can't begin to name all the people involved-I'd leave someone out, for sure!)   Your time and effort is appreciated!

Why do Lions go to conventions?  I listed some reasons last month-as an example, let's see how I did: 
  • Meet new people-Yes, met several people from around the state.
  • See old friends-Yes, saw lots of  friends.
  • Network-Yes, talked to many Lions about their clubs.
  • Have fun-Yes, had some laughs.
  • Attend a class-No, didn't do this.
  • Learn something-Yes, learned about Pedia Vision-awesome technology!
  • Eat and drink-Wow, plenty to eat; don't think I need anything today!
  • Vote, if you're a delegate-Yes, did that. Be fun to have some competitions in the future, but those "elected" are great choices.
  • Be motivated-Yes, I'm already forming new ideas which will take shape in the coming weeks.
  • Be inspired-Not sure I was truly inspired, but I'll take being motivated.
  • Win prizes-I didn't win a thing, but was able to buy one of those cute circus wagons from the tables.
So I'd say I did pretty well and got most things out of the convention that I expected.

Flip side, why do Lions not go to conventions?  Here are some of the negatives I heard around the room:
  • Too expensive-clubs don't help with registration
  • Not enough education offered
  • Too much time with nothing going on
  • Not well organized
  • Same thing every year  
You know you can't please all the people all the time, but can these negatives be improved?  What are the reasons that other Lions didn't bother to attend at all?  Will you go next year?  How would you rate the convention?  What did you like and what did you not like?  Got an opinion?  Hit the comment link below!

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Midwinter Convention-day one

    The Lions 39W Midwinter Convention kicked off this evening at the Owyhee Plaza with fun and games, circus style.  The Parma Lions, serving as tail twisters, set up an amazing display of raffle prizes and silent auction items.  I know I'm going to be trying to win some of the Parma wine with my raffle tickets tomorrow!

    Once again I didn't win the hors d' oeuvre contest, but I was happy that most of my spicy crackers were devoured, thanks to ID Lion Gary.  The contest winners were:

    3rd place, Lion Irene Qualman, Riverside, Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

    2nd place, Karen Bruner, Gem Lions, Pineapple Shrimp Dip

    1st place, Lion Angie Qualman, Riverside, Bacon Wrapped Chicken

     That's a really big trophy!

    Following some introductions, we heard a few remarks from Lion Ashley Seymour who is running for 2nd Vice District Governor and from ID Doug Lozier, our special guest this weekend.

    Then on to some games-juggling, hula hoop, balloon animals, and balloon popping.

    Lion Blake Rodgers and his wife, Sarah, traveled all the way from Declo to win the balloon popping.  Blake ran for the balloons and  Sarah sat on them.  Hope the lottery ticket is a winner!

    See you in the morning for Day Two.........

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    Happy first birthday to BSOLC

    Just a year ago the Special Olympics World Winter Games were held in Boise-and in conjunction with that, the Boise Special Olympics Lions Club was born.  It's a perfect partnership-the Lions have been an official partner of Special Olympics Opening Eyes since 2000; now a local Lions Club is dedicated to raising funds for Special Olympics.  The club is unique in a couple of ways-it is the first and only special interest club in the District and the average age of the members is undoubtedly the youngest. (Both very cool!)

    Anyway, when you turn one year old, you have a party!  In Lions' terms, we call them "Charter" parties, and BSOLC held theirs on Saturday night.  The "Tiki Luau" was held at Holiday Inn where whiffs of chlorine from the pool had to replace salty ocean breezes (Hey, I'm not complaining- it is winter in Idaho and we're a long way from the tropics!).  The food was great, the Hawaii shirts were tacky, the leis colorful, the bartender mixed a mean Bahama Mama, and the muumuus-well, they were muumuus.

    Curt Kelley was the winner (or was that "loser") of the tacky Hawaiian shirt contests-fitting, since Curt thinks all Hawaiian shirts are somewhat tacky.

    Opey Freedle won the wackiest lei contest-wasn't the contest his idea?

    The evening also included a hula dancer, some hula hooping, a brief limbo contest, and karaoke.  (Rumor has it, there is video...)

    I can't begin to mention everything else about the party-suffice it to say, "You shoulda been there!"