Saturday, January 2, 2010

A look back on 2009

It's that time of year when everyone is looking back on the last 365 days and cataloging the best moments or events.  Here are of few of District 39W's highlights for 2009:

In February, the Special Olympics World Winter Games came to Boise, Idaho, and over 200 Lion and Leo volunteers joined together for Opening Eyes, helping screen hundreds of athletes for sight and vision problems.  International President Al Brandel made his second trip to Idaho for the event (he visited 39E earlier in the year).

The Boise Special Olympics Lions Club was chartered on February 8th and held their charter party in September and their first fundraiser in October.  I like their attitude!

Also in  February, 39W held the annual Mid-Winter Convention at Holiday Inn.  We learned that cocktail shrimp makes a great appetizer and dancing the Charleston is harder than it looks.  Records were set for the number of times an individual could be introduced, and if there had been a quiz after the weekend, everyone would have passed.   

May brought the Annual MD 39 convention at Sun Valley.  A light rain did little to dampen the fun.  39W Lions voted to elect Pat Brown as Vice District Governor and Doug Beehler as 2nd Vice District Governor.  Lions learned that there is now a 2nd Vice District Governor position.  (Way to go, Doug!)

In June, the New Meadows Lions Club was chartered.

In July, District Governor Shirley Hazen took the reins of 39W, and encouraged everyone to fight hunger in Idaho with donations to food banks.

Also in July , Gary D'Orazio was elected International Director at the International Lions Convention in Minnesota.  Gary's oath of office contained the pledge:  "I will not tell bad jokes" but we can see how that is working out...

Ashley Seymour with the Boise Vista Club threw his hat in the ring for 2nd Vice District Governor.  It was probably a Bronco's hat.

In September, the new website was finally online, followed by the Facebook page, and this blog in November.  Just more ways to communicate...

I can't begin to mention all the service projects and fundraisers that took place!  With 52 clubs, there were a bunch!

Have a favorite 2009 event not mentioned?  Click on "comments" and tell us about it!  As for me, I'm looking ahead to 2010!

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  1. Is the pig with a wooden leg a bad joke? could be