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New Year's Resolutions for Lions

What will your resolutions be?  The same ones you always make and never keep?  Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, work less?  Great concepts, but how about making-and keeping-some Lions resolutions?  Here, I'll get you started... 1.  I resolve to bring in one new member to my club this year.  Yes, just one.  After all, how many did you bring in last year?  This is a reasonable goal, and if every Lion does this--can you imagine? 2.  I resolve to attend another club's meeting, fundraiser, or event at least once. Again, not asking for much here-just one time.  If all Lions did this, think of the possibilities.  We're all about helping-let's help each other. 3.  I resolve to attend at least part of the 39W or MD 39 conventions.  Have you ever been?  Why not?  The more people, the more fun. 4.  I resolve to volunteer for something I've never volunteered for before.  Maybe it's a committee in your club.  Maybe it's to be the chair person of

What country will you choose?

The Midwinter Convention has a new contest this year-the International Food Fair!  Very appropriate since Lions Club is an international organization! This is a club contest, although if you are the only person in your club who wants to do it, go ahead and enter.  That would be sad, to have only one person interested.  But not as sad as having no entry at all!  Anyway, pick a country, do a little research and find a few great recipes from that country, put together some table decorations, and bring your food on Friday night, February 11th, to the Courtyard by Marriott.  You are free to bring any kind of food, but appetizers, finger foods, and desserts would work especially well.  Clubs will be judged on food and presentation.  Yes, there will be prizes! You can find the rules and entry form on the website.

Christmas Eve away from home

December 24th, Christmas Eve.  Most Americans are with their families:  husbands with wives, parents with their children, grandparents with grandchildren....But this year, as is true every year, thousands of America's military men and women spend Christmas without their families, and far from home.  For the past five years, the Boise Bench Lions Club has remembered our service men and women and their families on Christmas Eve by sponsoring a walk from Julia Davis Park to the Capitol steps.  It's not much time out of the hectic holiday schedule, only about an hour, not much at all compared to the time our service people are away from family.  Several Lions Club members and friends made the short walk to say a public "thank you" to our military and their families, waving flags, singing carols.  Lion Tom Young, a WWII vet and POW spoke briefly, a heartfelt prayer-he knows the sacrifice.  The night was cold,  hearts were warmed.  Thank you for your service.

Is this what you thought Lions would be like?

Several of my fellow Lions club members and I were chatting while warming after a service project this afternoon (it was chilly out there today!).   This question was posed to one of our newer members:  "Is this what you expected when you joined Lions?" While he was answering, I thought about what my response would be to that question-and for me, it was no, this isn't what I thought the Lions club would be like.  No, not at all. If I had had any idea what Lions club was really like, or what the Lions members themselves were like, I would have joined many years ago.  It's not just the good that you can do when a group works together, it's also about how the individuals in that group become your family, your friends, and your support.  I had no idea... As for our new member, he said, with a grin, it was pretty much what he thought. And for him, and for us, that is a good thing. 

Thanking the Veterans in downtown Boise

The annual Veterans Day Parade was held in downtown Boise on Saturday.  Thanks to Boise Bench Lion Happy Olsen, the Lions were again part of the festivities.  This year, the MSU (Mobile Screening Unit), a convertible with rodeo queens, a decorated flatbed trailer, and Lions and Leos on foot joined the procession.  I wrote on this blog a year ago about the same event-a great way to say "thank you" to our Veterans and show support for our active military.  If you missed it this year, put it on your calendar now for 2011-you won't be disappointed.

It started a year ago...

It was just about one year ago that this blog began.  Seventy plus posts, well over one thousand visitors, and a handful of comments later, we're still finding things to write about, because--well, Lions are still busy helping out where they can.  We're proud to be listed on the blog roll of Lions International and hope Lions around the world occasionally check in to see what's going on in SW Idaho and E Oregon.  We hope our local Lions continue to visit every now and then, too! So onward to year number two-more posts, more visitors, more busy Lions!

A golden gavel? I want one of those!

One of the new events for the Lions 39W Midwinter Convention this year is the "Quest for the Golden Gavel".  It's a treasure hunt complete with coded messages and vague clues with a prize at the end-the "golden gavel", of course! You may be thinking  that the convention is months away, and true, it's not until February.  But the treasure hunt starts officially next week, with new clues available every week until the convention.  Adventurous Lions can take a look at the contest rules and get a head start with the first clue at the website convention page .  Good luck!

Need your vision checked?

I'd been doing a little whining lately about so few events being on the Lions calendar .  I knew Lions weren't taking vacations from serving their communities, but yet, the calendar remained nearly blank. Aha!  I've caught up with the Lions Clubs! They've been busy doing vision screenings! Lions clubs around the state are busy in the fall screening vision and hearing in the schools.  Typically, they screen children in grades K, 1, 3, and 5, although some clubs screen other  grades as well.  The Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation, the Foundation that belongs to and serves the Lions clubs, has a "Mobile Screening Unit" (MSU).  The MSU travels around the state (and E. Oregon) and houses a sound proof hearing booth and several vision screening machines.  Lions and other volunteers in the communities are trained in using the equipment.  Thousands are screened in the fall and referrals made as needed.  Do Lions screen in all schools?  Not all-some sch

Don't scam the Lions...

Last week many of us received an email supposedly from International Director Gary asking for our help as he was stranded in Madrid.  We all know ID Gary travels a lot and he's not shy about asking for our help, but this email had "scam" written all over it.  First, Gary wasn't in Madrid, but in Milwaukee at the USA/Canada Leadership Forum.  And if you've ever gotten an email from Gary, you know it would probably be written something like this: "Fellow 39ers, I am visiting Madrid and speaking to Lions clubs here about getting new members and handing out potato the way, I need some more of those if anyone can get some...I lost my wallet and I've been trying to talk the hotel into letting me entertain with some jokes....they're not buying I really need you to send me some money, eh? Thanks, Your ID from ID" But then, would ID Gary really need our help?  I bet he could convince the locals, wherever he was, to lend a hand.

Lions Laugh with Richie Holliday

Wednesday night at the Bull's Head Pub in Meridian, Lions had an opportunity to raise money for the Sight and Hearing Foundation and laugh at the comedy of Richie Holliday .  The event was also promoted as a district membership night, for Lions to bring potential new members or just to hang out with Lions from other clubs. Richie Holliday is a professional comedian who performs around the country at clubs, universities, and other venues.  His stories about growing up, moving, dating, and hunting had the laughter coming non-stop.   His parents, Joe and Robin Jara, happen to be Lions, which made some of the jokes especially funny. Sadly, the event was not well-attended.  If you missed the show, you missed a great evening out, tailor-made for Lions and their guests.  What can I say?  Maybe next time?

Meridian Lions Club Charters a LEO (Youth Development) Club

Over 70 youths, parents, and members of the Meridian Lions Club attended the charter ceremony and induction of students at Renaissance High School into the newly formed LEO Club. The event was held August 26th at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Meridian. LEO clubs for youth are sponsored by Lions Clubs International with the purpose of providing youth with the opportunity for development as responsible members of the local, national and international community. The word LEO stands for “Leadership, Experience and Opportunity”. District Governor Pat Brown of Boise inducted the 21 charter members of the club and members were presented with their official charter and membership pin. The newly formed LEO Club has established their Vision Statement as: “We strive to improve the lives of people within, not only our community, but international communities as well”. Their Mission Statement is “The LEO members of Renaissance are dedicated to supporting our surrounding community and peopl

Lions Radio Las Vegas

Last Sunday night, Lions from across the country participated in a radio talk show called "Lion's Pride" on KLAV radio Las Vegas.  Lion's Pride, on Sundays from 8:00-9:00 pm Mountain Time, promotes non-profits, service clubs, and other volunteer groups in the Clark County, Nevada, area.  Sunday it was the Lions turn. Our own Deanna Rostock was invited to participate along with John Barnett from Arkansas (who many of you know) and two other Lions.  They each answered a few questions about their District and what their clubs were doing. Deanna mentioned our District's recent participation in Opening Eyes at the Special Olympics with emphasis on the World Winter Games and the charter of the Boise Special Olympics Lions Club.  She also related her personal story of why she became a Lion-to give back after her nieces were born with glaucoma and received help from Lions. Great job, Deanna! Recruitment is a very popular and important topic for Lions Clubs everyw

If you can stand the heat...

You guessed it-more Lions cooking!  It's Caldwell Night Rodeo time and the Caldwell Lions spend a whole week cooking up burgers, dogs, steak fingers, onion rings, and tater gems (or tots as we Sonic aficionados call them). While the "Lion Dogs" and "Lion Burgers" may be a bit confusing for some of the smaller cowboys and cowgirls, everyone else is well-acquainted with the Lions booth at the rodeo.    You want Tater Gems with that? I spent yesterday evening (what was it-nearly 100 degrees?) helping out the Caldwell crew along with DG Pat.  Tuesday isn't their busiest day, but everyone was still hustling to serve the hungry customers.  You can tell they've done this before and are well-prepared for the bigger crowds to come. Let's see...cheeseburger, $4, Lion dog, $3.00.... The Caldwell High School band helped out, selling sodas and water in the grandstand.  Water was a big seller!  Did I mention it was hot? You've got the rest of th

Lions and Laughs

Mark the date on your calendar-September 8th! If you missed hearing comedian Richie Holliday last year at Star's Charter Party, you have a second chance!  This year, Richie is performing for Lions and future Lions at a Fundraiser/Membership Drive event at the Bull's Head Pub in Meridian.  Doors open at 6:30 pm. This is an event for all Lions to attend and bring a potential member-you all know that one person who would make a great Lion but either you don't know how to ask them or they are just a little reluctant?  This is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to Lions in a fun, social atmosphere. There will be Lions literature and applications available and lots of Lions to answer questions or just mingle with.     As for the fundraiser part, proceeds will be donated to the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.  Advance tickets are $8.00, and at the door, it will cost you $10.  All tickets include one free drink!  You can get your advance tickets by contacting Lion

Lions and food

There were some great Lions events last week in case you missed them.  Seems like Lions are great cooks.  There's always a breakfast or dinner going on. The Gem Lions served the annual Buckaroo Breakfast to kick off the Gem/Boise County fair.  It was a beautiful morning at the city park in downtown Emmett.  The Lions served pancakes as big as your plate with all the other breakfast goodies.  Then last Friday, the Kuna Lions made dinner for about 400 at Kuna Days.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken-no one should have gone away hungry!  And no rain this year! Getting ready! Coming up next week are a couple more "Lions as Chefs" events.  The Caldwell Lions have their food booth again this year at the Caldwell Night Rodeo, which starts next week.  That is one crazy busy place to be and I don't think they'd turn down any extra hands!  Give them a call!  The Capital Lions are serving breakfast and lunch to the Optimist football players and coaches and they could de

Email on steriods

We currently have 1247 members in Lions District 39W spread over a very large geographical area, from eastern Oregon all the way east to the Twin Falls area.  Ten or twenty years ago, it must have been pretty difficult to let everyone know what everyone else was doing, not to mention the cost of long distance telephone service or all those stamps! In 2010, though, we have a much easier time, with the potential of near instantaneous communication through  email, blogs, and Facebook.  Yet even those methods require some action on each end, because, so far, we can't read each other's thoughts. The current campaign to reach more Lions with timely news and announcements continues with the launch of the e-Bulletin.  Actually, it's just email on steroids.  What we've done is combined all the small emails that we might want to send out and all the event announcements with flyers, and added all the links that you might need, then wrapped that up in one pretty package.  An ad

We're in Lions Magazine!

Lions District 39W hits the pages of Lions Magazine this month with a one page article "In It to Win It" about our recent membership contest!  The magazine, which hasn't hit mailboxes yet, appears on the LCI website in an online magazine format.  Pretty awesome!  

The second time around

Boise area Lions met at Alive After Five for the second of three "meet and greet" events this summer.  It was a large and friendly crowd with many people stopping by our booth (Thank you, Idaho Business Review !) to sign up for our Idaho Monopoly Game giveaway, chat about Lions, or just get a piece of candy.  Lions also worked the crowd with Monopoly games, getting many more to register and spreading the word about Lions.  Many people have heard of Lions but don't really know what they do.  And many women don't know that women can be Lions, something that correlates to a previous blog post about membership.  If you didn't get a chance to be a part of this event, either as a Lion or a wannabe Lion, the next Lions after Five will be September 15th. Contact Lion Edwin at the Eye Bank for more info.

International President Sid Scruggs Theme 2010-2011

Fellow Lions, Leos & Bloggers, Incoming International President Sid Scruggs has announced his theme “ A Beacon of Hope .” He believes that by returning our Lions work into visible Community Service we will increase both the good we do for others, but also our membership as we become more visible. In order to do this, he is requesting all clubs do 5 things, all of which are designed to coordinate with his theme. Year long, each club should come up with a NEW signature service project, one which will be visible to the community and doesn’t necessarily involve donating dollars. Examples would be an annual health fair, food drive, volunteer project, or sponsorship of a community event. I’m sure that there are many others that your club can come up with to help encourage you in this regard. Additionally, he has set out his ideas for “2010-11 Global Service Campaigns” by suggesting an emphasis on 4 activities that we Lions do during the year to serve our communities. Many clubs do

Happy New (Lions) Year!

It's now the beginning of our Lions year, 2010-2011!  Our District Governor, Pat Brown, is "down under" wearing his white jacket and being inducted as District 39W's DG.  I couldn't talk him into taking a laptop, so we'll have to wait for his return this weekend to see the photos and hear the stories.  (I'll try to convince him to write on this blog, so check back!) When DG Pat was campaigning for this position, the two things he emphasized to me were education and training for Lions and better communication.  I think since then he's probably found many more things he'd like to do, see, or change in the coming year, but for now, my topic is communication. As the new Communications Chair (a pretty broad assignment) my job is to help District Governor Pat, the clubs, and all the members improve our lines of communication.  Last year with District Governor Shirley, we launched the new website, adding more pages and information throughout the year.

Not everything is a rousing success...

One of my "great ideas" this past year was to hold a photo contest on our website.  I thought it would be a good way to get lots of really good photos from around the district that I could use for the website and blog.  But now that we're at the end of the contest, I have to admit that this was not such a brainstorm after all.  Maybe there should have been a big prize? Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent me photos-Lion Curt Kelley, Lion Olie Olsen, DGE Pat Brown (who shares all his photos on Picasa !), Lion Jack Graham, Lion Nancy Berto, PDG Laura Walls, Lion Stevie Beehler-for the contest or not.  Keep sending-I can use your good shots throughout the year.  I'd love to have photos of Lions in action!

Recycling Eyeglasses-Lions make the news

Ever wonder where all those old eyeglasses the Lions Clubs collect end up?  5000 pairs are heading to Africa to Mozambique, Congo, and Lesotho thanks to the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation and Mission Aviation Fellowship.  The effort made the news last week with stories on KTVB, Channel 7 , and this week on KTRV, Channel 12 and KIVI, Channel 6. Don't miss reading the complete details on Mission Aviation's website . Lions collect all shapes, sizes, and prescriptions of used eyeglasses.  Those in good condition are sent on missions like this one to developing countries.  Others that are no longer wearable can still be recycled for parts and metal so don't hesitate to put your old pairs, including prescription sunglasses, in the collection boxes.  The boxes you see at Walmart are sent to regional Lions Eyeglass Collection Centers for recycling through a new partnership between Lions Clubs International and Walmart.  The glasses collected in the small boxes that you see

Lions after five

Lions from several Boise area clubs hosted a booth at Wednesday's Alive After Five in downtown Boise.  The idea was to gain some exposure for Lions and possibly get a new member or two.  If you've never been to Alive After Five , it's Boise's summer concert series at the Grove Plaza.  But it's more than rocking to the music.  It's the place to see and be seen, the place for kids to cool off in the fountains, the place to have some pizza and beer...if you don't mind waiting in line! The Lions had plenty of brochures to hand out to the people who stopped to talk or turn in their tickets for a  raffle of Idaho Monopoly games. Several people signed up to receive more information-maybe they will become Lions some day.  Or maybe they will just have a better appreciation of the work that Lions do.  It's all good. Thanks to the Idaho Business Review who are generously sharing their booth space, Lions will have two more opportunities to meet and greet, on

Lions battle of the sexes

In the June message to Lions from International President Wirfs, he summarizes the successes of his 2009-2010 platform "Move to Grow" which focused on increasing membership.  He reports that LCI numbers have increased by approximated 58,000 through May with all constitutional areas reporting growth except Canada and the US.  One thing I found particularly interesting was the number of women members.  Out of just over 1.35 million Lions, only 298,592 are women.  This made me wonder how our District 39W fares in men vs. women, so I went to the LCI report section to find out.  While our ratio is better (that is, a larger percentage of women) men still out number women by a margin of 2-1.  Well, this definitely got me to thinking...Ladies, we need to do something about this discrepancy and invite more women to join Lions.  Take a look at your club-could you use a few more good female members? President Wirfs makes good point about keeping members.  Before you drop a member (

Bring the popcorn-let's watch a Lions movie

Need something interesting for you next club meeting?  How about a short video from Lions International? Videos from LCI are available in several formats and are a great way to tell your club members about Lions International, the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and about Lions Club projects around the world. There are free DVD's you can order from LCI.  There are also videos available on the LCI website that you can download or watch through i tunes, youtube, or as podcasts.  Lions Quarterly Video Magazine is posted four times a year and is a good source of ideas for new club projects as well as being inspiring and motivating.  And don't forget our own Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation has a great video about the work of the Foundation.  If your club hasn't seen it yet, contact the Trustee for your area or call Lion Jay Lugo at 338-LION (5466).

Oops, did you forget your PU 101?

My PU what?  The PU 101 is the name given to the officer reporting form that LCI (Lions Clubs International) requests that you fill out to report your incoming officers.  It is available online on the LCI website and either the club secretary or president has access and can submit it.  The due date was May 15, but if you missed the deadline you can still submit it-and the sooner the better! By submitting your new officer information, your club secretary and president will be given a password that they can use to submit the monthly membership and activity reports.  They will also receive the LCI communications that are sent out periodically.  And it's not just for LCI-your District Governor and Communications chairperson  will also have the information so your club will be in the loop with what's happening in the other clubs and around District 39W.  If you have any problems submitting the info, contact your friendly IT Chair through the website . Or submit a comment below.

Meridian Rodeo Queens promote the Lions

In April, the Meridian Lions Club held the Rodeo Queen Contest and since then the queens, Senior Queen Tricia, Teen Queen Melissa, and Mini Queen Tevis have been participating in parades and at events around the Valley.  The queens are available to make appearances, help out with events, and, in general, promote the Lions as well as the Meridian Lions Rodeo.   These two photos are Mini Queen Tevis at Parade America in Nampa.  The Queens were also were hostesses for Celebration Park's 20th Anniversary in Canyon County and Teen Queen Melissa greeted the runners at the High Desert 10K Run in Kuna.  Thanks to Lion Stevie Beehler for the photos and information about the Rodeo Queens!

Barbecues, sales, and the true meaning of Memorial Day

Lions Clubs and Lions around the country take part in Memorial Day observances in various ways-flying American flags in their cities and towns, placing flags on Veterans' graves, and attending ceremonies.  When Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971, it became a 3-day weekend to camp, barbecue, shop, and quite often forget instead of remember those who gave their lives for our country.  As Lions, and Americans, let's take more than a moment to remember...and give honor to the thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Flags dot cemeteries around country. The American Legion honors those who have given their lives. N ever forget...

A trio of events...

Saturday was a cold, rainy, and pretty much miserable day weather-wise in the Treasure Valley, but that didn't keep the Lions indoors!  From the Star Lions yard sale, to the Riverside Lions Paws in the Park, to the Vallivue Charter Party, there was plenty to do.  Unfortunately, the Boise Special Olympics "Racing for a Reason" had to be canceled (they probably don't have windshield wipers on race cars...). Here are a few photos from Saturday and Sunday: Meridian Rodeo Queens lead "Paws in the Park"   Midvale's lion is in trouble at Vallivue's Charter Party Why is Vallivue's flag at Star's yard sale? Let us know if you held an event this past weekend!  Click the blue "Comments" link below.

Tales from Sun Valley

Where have I been?  Most recently, the MD 39 Lions Convention at Sun Valley!  It was a busy week leading up to the weekend because I tend to procrastinate a bit, or as my sister says, I just work better under pressure. It was worth it, though-it was a great weekend! My philosophy, as it was with the Midwinter convention, is that convention is what you make of it.  Once again, it was great to see Lions from across the state, to meet new people and to give old friends a hug.  Conventions always seems to bring 1) lots of awards, 2) lots of speeches, and 3) lots of parties! First, some of the awards.  As mentioned last week, Boise Special Olympics Lions won the 39W membership contest by adding 8 new members and CC Lion Bob Flowers was the individual who sponsored the most Lions (7) in March and April.  Unfortunately, these awards were mentioned, but not celebrated as much as they should have been.  With our declining numbers, these awards were very important.  Two new awards were p

Inquiring minds want to know...

...who won the membership contest? April 30th was the final day to sign up new members for the contest in MD 39 clubs.  As you probably recall, the club with the most new members in the 2 month period would win registration and 2 nights lodging in Sun Valley for 2 for the convention.  The Lion signing up the most members would win the same prize.  The Boise Special Olympics Lions Club was chartered in 2009 and like many new clubs, they suffered some newbie pains as they settled into forming the framework of their club.  They were down to 13 members, but in just 2 short months they added 8, bringing them up to 21.  That's a  61% gain and good for 1st place and bragging rights!  We'll see you at the Convention! At the other end of the spectrum in terms of size and age, the Parma Lion are 65 years old and tallied 80 members before the contest.  Adding 8 members brought them to 88, of course, that's only 10%.  But when one individual Lions scores 7 of those new members, y

Sun Valley Convention celebrates Armed Forces Day

Coming up soon-The MD 39 Convention in Sun Valley is taking place May 14-16!  There's still time to make plans to go!  This year's convention theme is "Armed Forces Day" which is celebrated on the third Saturday in May each year.  The day was created in 1949 to honor the military serving in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines as a group instead of each branch having a separate "day".  The creation of Armed Forces Day coincides with the unification of the armed forces under the Department of Defense.  The 2010 theme is "United in Strength".  You can read more about Armed Forces Day on the US Dept. of Defense website. Back to the convention-all the information can be found on the Lions 39W website including a registration form.  Take the opportunity to get out of town and relax with friends in beautiful Sun Valley!  See you there!

Get ready for Summer Camp

Remember how much fun you had at camp when you were a kid?  Now it's time to go back-this time as a volunteer! Lions stepped up to help the Winter Camp for the Blind with monetary donations.  This time we need to donate our time to help the Summer Camp,  sponsored in part this year  by the Idaho/E. Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation .    Volunteers are needed to help with various activities, including a talent show, a track meet, roller skating, rock climbing, horseback riding, and many more camp activities.  The Summer Camp take place at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind in Gooding, Idaho, as well as sites in Hailey, Meridian,Shoshone Falls, and  Twin Falls over the week of June 13th through the 19th. You can volunteer for a day or the whole week! And if you can't volunteer your time, money is still gladly accepted, too! If you can help, contact  Ron Gill at 221-5668  for a complete list of volunteer opportunities.

Last call for membership contest!

It's the final week of the District 39W membership contest!  Only a few more days to sign up those wannabe Lions-c'mon, you can do it! There have been some rumors floating around that one club has signed up 8 plus new members, another with a 30% increase, still other clubs aren't saying... We'll know pretty soon who wins the 2 nights stay in Sun Valley and convention registration, and if any of the rumors are based in fact. No matter who gets the prize, adding more dedicated Lions to our clubs is a win for all of us.  Recruiting is a year around priority, and the contest has put a spotlight on membership growth.  The new members you've added will bring new ideas to your club, lots of enthusiasm, and more hands to provide service to your community. The next challenge is to continue adding new members after the April 30 contest deadline.  And just as importantly, keeping all the members you have.  Share your ideas for membership with the rest of us!  Click the &

Have you filled out the convention survey?

The committee for next year's 39W Midwinter Convention, chaired by Lion Linda Clemenger, is actively seeking input for the 2011 convention.  They've come up with a short survey which is basically 2 questions:  "If you didn't go to the 2010 convention, why not?" and "What break-out sessions would you like to go to?"  A few choices are listed to get you started thinking, but there are three spaces to fill in your own ideas.  After you've completed the survey, you'll end up back on the same page where you can scroll to the bottom and write in anything you want in the "Convention Ideas".  Got an idea for Friday or Saturday night entertainment?  Who would you like to hear as a keynote speaker?   What do you think of the food?  The cost?  The time?  The place?   Do you want more education, more socialization?  Write as much as you want on anything having to do with the Midwinter Convention.  Never been?  Doesn't matter.  Always go? 

Whose Charter Party have you been to lately?

Lots of Charter Parties this month!   Hats off to the District Governor and Vice District Governors for attending so many functions-don't know how you do it! Friday night was Parma's 61st anniversary-or was it 78th?  No, wait, that was somebody's birthday.  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words..... Let's just say you had to have been there.  The tables were gorgeous! Not to be forgotten, Kuna's Charter Party last week was tropical fun! So many Charter Parties, so little time...........

A brochure for your club

Something I've been wanting for my club is a brochure.  We always order the free ones from Lions Clubs International which give general information about Lions Clubs and Lions and look really nice.  But wouldn't it be nice to have a great looking brochure with your clubs specific service projects listed and days and times of your meetings? Well, silly me, LCI has an online template available where you can do just that.  All you have to do is type in the changes online and print!  You can change any of the pre-written text or just add your specific club information.  Buying some nice paper and using your color printer would look pretty nice, or you could take it to your local print shop. It's on my "to do" list! What a great recruiting tool this will be! Do you have a club brochure?

Fundraiser or Membership Drive in Star???

BEWARE!! The Star Lions club has been operating outside the guidelines of proper new member recruitment, and now are officially placed on probation. Their so called fundraising events are really a cover for recruiting new members. They offer great food, beverages and superb musical entertainment in return for a signed new Lion member agreement. This strong arm attempt at membership growth should not be a direct reflection of the Lions of District 39W. As you can see by the picture a couple of reliable spies from other clubs were the ones that brought this offense to our attention. Please beware of the Star Lions as they are on a mission to win the district membership contest by any means possible.

Veterans Resource Network is looking for a new home

Lions do a lot of volunteer work and it's not always just Lions Club projects and activities.  Take Lions Pat and Glen Gore with the Boise Riverside Club.  In addition to serving in their Lions club and attending many events hosted by other clubs, they are also involved with the Veterans Resource Network , which provides care packages for the military serving overseas along with other Veterans' projects. The Gores and the other volunteers are in need of a new place to house the organization and store items to be sent in the care packages.  You can read more about Veterans Resource Network and what type of space they are looking for in Sunday's Idaho Statesman's Helping Works .

Lions Den of thieves...

I've been searching around for something to blog about this week and today was emailed a bit of interesting information. It seems the Vallivue Lions are at it again . Back in October, several members of the Vallivue Lions visited the Star charter party and made off with a  framed award that had just been presented by VDG Pat.  They demanded that a Star Lion or 2 visit their club to retrieve the certificate.  Star Lions played along.  VDG Pat printed a replacement award, and he and a few Star Lions made the trek to the Vallivue Lions Den with the "fake" award for laughs and a pie to exchange for the original award. Last week, some Vallivue Lions (probably the same suspects?) attended the Midvale charter party and absconded with a couple of items, pictured below.   All they are asking this time is that Midvale Lions return the favor and come to the Vallivue charter party, tentatively scheduled for May 22.  (A quick check of the calendar shows May 22nd to be very busy..

Just being a little corny

Boise Capital Lions Club would like to introduce you to their new endeavor-they call it "Corn Toss".  Also known as "Cornhole", this game consists of throwing bags filled with corn toward a platform 30 feet away and trying to land the bag in a hole in the platform.  Rules are similar to horseshoes, with 3 points scored for a "cornhole" and 1 point scored for an "ace", or a bag that lands on the platform.  Apparently Corn Toss is most popular in Kentucky, Illinois, and Cincinnati, with each area claiming its origination. Now it's in Boise, Idaho, and the Capital Lions are having some fun with it. Introduced at their Charter Dinner last night, the Lions were having some fun trying out the game.  They'd like other Lions Clubs to play and would like to eventually have Lions tournaments.  They also hope to have other groups use the games at barbecues and picnics (it's best played outside as a lawn game) as a club fundraiser or club s

Winning at basketball and fundraising

Where were you Saturday night? I know where you weren't!  You weren't at the Idaho Stampede basketball game supporting the Leos with their "no brainer" fundraiser.  But then, neither were the Leos.  I don't really get it.  With almost no effort, nearly $150 was raised for Leos projects.  Think what could have been raised with effort. The Idaho Stampede is a D-League basketball team affiliated with the Portland Trailblazers and the Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association.  The D-League is the official minor league of the NBA where top prospects come to hone their skills.  At the end of the 2008-2009 NBA season, 20% of the  players had D-League experience.  Even if you're not an NBA fan, just marveling at the size and speed of these athletes is worth the price of a ticket! But if basketball is just not your thing, the Idaho Stampede is still an organization that deserves your attention.  Established in 2003, the Stampede Community Foundatio

Say cheese!

Less than two weeks remain to enter Phase 2 of the Lions 39W photo contest.  Lions can submit photos of Lion events and activities that took place between January 1 and March 31, 2010.  The contest judge (that's me!) is looking for good photos taken by Lions or Leos that show Lions or Leos engaged in service projects, fundraisers, or other community events.  You can find what few rules there are on our website under " contests ". Really good photos (and even some not so good) may find their way onto our website, this blog, or facebook. Here are a couple random favorites of mine:   "Ouch!  That's my tail!"  Taken at the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Boise. "What do you mean, the burgers aren't done?"  1st VDG Pat in July in deep conversation with a Star Lion. Vista Lions hamming it up at the 39W convention.

Volunteering: Opening Eyes

Saturday in Cascade, twenty-six volunteer Lions and friends put in over 100 total hours at the Idaho Special Olympics Winter Games to screen the eyes of 98 athletes. Just over half of the athletes received new glasses or updated prescriptions and another 30 plus scored a pair of new sunglasses. Wow! If you've never volunteered at this event, you are missing an amazing experience.  It may look chaotic to the uninitiated as the athletes wind their way around the room, stopping at each station for various screenings and tests by the volunteers, optometrists, and ophthalmologists:  color blindness, depth perception, visual acuity, refraction, glaucoma, and more. But the room is actually very organized and humming along smoothly; all the volunteers and doctors are working swiftly to assist as many athletes as possible. Many athletes are sporting their medals dangling around their necks; others show off their ribbons and tell you about their race or floor hockey game.  One young

Ready for the Pro Bowlers Tour???

Meridian Noon Lions went bowling on Saturday to raise money for the Sight and Hearing Foundation and for local food banks.  Lions and Leos from several other clubs joined in for an afternoon of fun at Meridian Bowling Lanes .  At first I wished I was bowling, then I saw all the bowlers with their own balls, shoes, bags and even towels, and I was glad to be watching from the sidelines and not showing off my "skill"!   Maybe I'll practice and see you next year! If you missed the bowling in Meridian, head out to Mountain Home on March 20th and Bowl for Sight and Hearing.  Thanks, Lion Nancy, for the photos!

Riverside helps throw a party for WCR

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Women's Council of Realtors (WCR) "Casino Night" Membership Drive-this time as a guest and not a dealer!  Riverside Lions Club (with a few hands from Kuna ) did a great job.  They were well-staffed and well organized and judging by the peels of laughter from the blackjack tables and the shouts from the craps tables, everyone was winning and having fun.  During the course of the evening, a few WCR members would grab the mike from the band and say a few words about the organization.  WCR is an network of  Realtors that promotes professional and personal development.  Did you you know WCR is the 12th largest women's organization in the US?  (Yes, men can be members, too.)  Several times they announced the names of the new members who had just joined.  I'm guessing they gained at least 10 new members during the course of the evening. So why I'm I telling you about WCR? I'm not. This was a membership drive

District 39W Membership Drive!!!

Our Lions Clubs are shrinking! Please join in the Lions 39W District membership drive and help reverse the trend. Recruit new members! Retain the current members! Revitalize your club! The club with the largest percentage of net growth between March 1st and May 1st will win the Club contest, and the individual Lion who recruits the most new members will win the Lion contest. Ready, set, GROW! A representative of the winning Lions Club and the winning Lion will each receive: · Registration for 2 at the 2010 Sun Valley MD39 Convention · Two nights stay at Sun Valley for the Convention · Your name or club name on a plaque displayed at the Eye Bank · Bragging rights for the year · All the benefits of a growing, thriving Lions Club (priceless)

Update on Lions Winter Camp for the Blind

The amazing Lions clubs and individuals from District 39W and 39E have to date raised approximately $4,100.00 in support of the Lions Winter Camp for the Blind. This ongoing effort in generating the funds needed to cover state educational shortfalls allows these children to participate in an annual event they so look forward to year in and year out. There are over 20 students now signed up as of today. For those who would like to go up and spend a day or all weekend (March 5th-7 th ) please contact Lion Walt Cochran at 208-316-9340. Hope to see you there!! Always proud to be a Lion, DGE Lion Pat

Lions Global Youth Music Competition

 A new contest this year, the Lions Global Youth Music Competition is underway.  In case you haven't heard, Nicole Oswald, granddaughter of Lions Del and Sandy Oswald, members of the Meridian Noon Lions, is Multi District 39's winning violinist.  Many of you heard Nicole perform at this year's District 39W convention or at the Sun Valley convention last May.  This week, the USA competition heats up on You Tube, where a panel of jurors is judging the musicians.  You can hear Nicole and the other contestants on the Lions You Tube Channel or read more about the contest at the Lions International website .

Our Facebook fan box

Not a fan of Lions39W on Facebook?  Not sure what Facebook is?  Don't want to join Facebook?  That's OK, I resisted for quite a while, too.   You can still see the Lions 39W Facebook posts just by coming here to the blog.  On the left hand column, scroll down until you see Lions 39W's Facebook Fan Box.  There you can see pictures of some of our "fans" and read what's been written on the Facebook page.  Just one more way for us to communicate! 

Patriotism Essay Contest-coming soon to a school near you

The annual Patriotism Essay Contest presented by the Lions of District 39 is underway!  Students in elementary schools across southern Idaho and eastern Oregon are writing about this year's topic, "Who is my American Hero and Why?"  The contest is open to students in 1st through 6th grades and each grade is judged separately.  The kids come up with some amazing essays!  You can read more about the contest on our website .

Midwinter Convention--day 2

The 2010 Midwinter Convention is now in the books.  A lot of work goes into planning the convention- renting the space,  planning the menus,  arranging speakers and displays, decorating, collecting prizes, setting up, tearing down....Great job, Lions!   (Can't begin to name all the people involved-I'd leave someone out, for sure!)   Your time and effort is appreciated! Why do Lions go to conventions?  I listed some reasons last month-as an example, let's see how I did:  Meet new people- Yes, met several people from around the state. See old friends- Yes, saw lots of  friends. Network- Yes, talked to many Lions about their clubs. Have fun- Yes, had some laughs. Attend a class- No, didn't do this. Learn something- Yes, learned about Pedia Vision-awesome technology! Eat and drink- Wow, plenty to eat; don't think I need anything today! Vote, if you're a delegate- Yes, did that. Be fun to have some competitions in the future, but those "elected"

Midwinter Convention-day one

The Lions 39W Midwinter Convention kicked off this evening at the Owyhee Plaza with fun and games, circus style.  The Parma Lions, serving as tail twisters, set up an amazing display of raffle prizes and silent auction items.  I know I'm going to be trying to win some of the Parma wine with my raffle tickets tomorrow! Once again I didn't win the hors d' oeuvre contest, but I was happy that most of my spicy crackers were devoured, thanks to ID Lion Gary.  The contest winners were: 3rd place, Lion Irene Qualman, Riverside, Sweet and Spicy Meatballs 2nd place, Karen Bruner, Gem Lions, Pineapple Shrimp Dip 1st place, Lion Angie Qualman, Riverside, Bacon Wrapped Chicken  That's a really big trophy!   Following some introductions, we heard a few remarks from Lion Ashley Seymour who is running for 2nd Vice District Governor and from ID Doug Lozier, our special guest this weekend. Then on to some games-juggling, hula hoop, balloon animals, and balloon popping.

Happy first birthday to BSOLC

Just a year ago the Special Olympics World Winter Games were held in Boise-and in conjunction with that, the Boise Special Olympics Lions Club was born.  It's a perfect partnership-the Lions have been an official partner of Special Olympics Opening Eyes since 2000; now a local Lions Club is dedicated to raising funds for Special Olympics.  The club is unique in a couple of ways-it is the first and only special interest club in the District and the average age of the members is undoubtedly the youngest. (Both very cool!) Anyway, when you turn one year old, you have a party!  In Lions' terms, we call them "Charter" parties, and BSOLC held theirs on Saturday night.  The "Tiki Luau" was held at Holiday Inn where whiffs of chlorine from the pool had to replace salty ocean breezes (Hey, I'm not complaining- it is winter in Idaho and we're a long way from the tropics!).  The food was great, the Hawaii shirts were tacky, the leis colorful, the bartender mi

The challenge-sending kids to winter camp

Times are tough.  Budget cuts are looming around around the state of Idaho as the legislature begins its session.  I'm not getting on a soapbox about where the money should or should not be spent in Idaho, but I want to bring to your attention a potential shortfall that would affect some folks near and dear to the hearts of Lions-the students at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind .  Each winter the school sponsors a winter camp for kids.  Additional funds that may be needed this year would cover transportation and lodging costs of kids going to camp.  The money in jeopardy amounts to about $2,300.  Let's see....50 clubs in 39W.....$2,300......that's less than $50 per seems obvious....  The Challenge The Star Lions Club has pledged $100 (through club and individual donations) to help with the transportation costs to send the kids to camp.  They are issuing a challenge to the other clubs of District 39W to pledge at least $50 for this cause.   "Alon

Who writes this stuff anyway?

When I started writing this blog for 39W, I thought I'd be able to keep it generic, "newsy", and pretty much anonymous.  That's kind of hard, if you expect someone to read it, too.  So I just write-and you end up with a few of my personal opinions and a "newbie" slant on Lions-I'm sure someone will pull the plug if I get out of hand.  So far no one's complaining.... And some of you are reading!  (Thank you very much!) So I'll just keep going.... Your 1st VDG Pat is going to be adding a few words once a week or so.  He's out and about quite a bit more than I am so he will have some news and views that I don't.  His name will be in the fine print under his posts, just in case you wonder who writes this stuff...

Lion Mary Dicello's Funeral....

Lion Mary passed away on January 14th after fighting a courageous battle with cancer. Please join us in celebration of her life by attending the memorial service. We will be meeting at the Lions Eye Bank at 8:45 am., Friday the 22nd to carpool over. Please keep Lion Aaron and family in your prayers. Lions have lost a beautiful spirit, but now she is at peace with our Provider. We love you Lion Mary. The memorial service will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 22, 2010, at Rost Funeral Home, McMurtrey Chapel in Mountain Home. A graveside service will be held at 3 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 22, 2010, at the Idaho State Veterans...

Convention time

It's coming up soon--the 39W Midwinter Convention!   Never been?  Don't know what it is?  Don't want to go because you've never been and don't know what it is? Last year those were my words, too.  I'd never attended before and didn't really know what it was going to be like.  But--I went anyway.  And I'm going again this year.  (See, that wasn't so bad...) The Midwinter Convention is a time to get together with other Lions from other clubs and: Meet new people See old friends Network Have fun Attend a class Learn something Eat and drink Vote, if you're a delegate Be motivated Be inspired Win prizes Any one thing on that list makes it worth your time.  But you've got to participate-you have to show up.  Learn more and register on our website .  See ya there!

A birthday celebration-Melvin Jones would have been proud!

The Caldwell Lions Club celebrated Melvin Jones's birthday and Idaho Lions Day at their club meeting today at the Bent Fork in Caldwell.  Lion Loren Honstead told some stories about Caldwell Lions in the "old" days-where they've met over the years, when they first allowed women, being instrumental in bringing Christmas lights to the Caldwell golf course, and always, always being involved in the rodeo, even waaaaaaay before Lion Loren's time. They also recognized their Melvin Jones Fellows, several of whom were in attendance. No birthday is complete without cake-yum!  The local press was there for interviews and lots of photos. (But not these photos...)

Governor Otter declares January 13th "Idaho Lions Day"

Governor Otter has issued a proclamation declaring January 13th (the birth date of founder Melvin Jones) Idaho Lions Day!  Let everyone know you are proud to be a Lion-wear your vest, logo shirt, or pin and spend some time talking to your friends and co-workers about Lions Club and why you are a member! The Proclamation reads: Whereas, Lions Clubs International was founded by Melvin Jones in 1917 and now is the largest, most diverse community humanitarian service organization in the world; and Whereas, Lions Clubs International has over 1.3 million members worldwide and over 3000 members in Idaho; and Whereas, Idaho Lions Clubs determine the needs of the community by working with youth, seniors, Veterans, and the Sight and Hearing Foundation to create better neighborhoods; and Whereas, Idaho Lions Club members make a difference by working with families as a charitable family-based organization; and Whereas, Melvin Jones's birthday is January 13; Now, Therefore, I, C.

Mountain Home is having a party!

The Mountain Home Lions Club is having their Charter Party on January 15 at the American Legion Hall in Mountain Home.  Social hour begins at 6:00 pm with dinner at 7:00.  There will be raffle items, door prizes, an auction, skits, and entertainment.  It's only $9.00 to attend-so load up the car for the drive and have some fun with the Mountain Homes Lions.  Even our largest club appreciates your support!  RSVP to Lion Bob Roberts at 587-5322. 

I love Mexican food

I started off my year with a visit to the Boise Bench Lions Club today.  No reason, just wanted some Mexican food and to say "Hi" to some of my friends there.   It seems like I usually go visit there when I want something, but today I decided not to be a pest and just be quiet.  The point is, you don't have to have a reason to visit another club.  And I don't know about your club, but my club is always excited to have a guest. So make that one of your New Year's resolutions-"I hereby resolve to visit other Lions clubs-to promote, to share, to educate, to network".  Or just to have some Mexican food.

Help if you can...

There are several volunteer opportunities this month, starting this week.  Lions are needed to help with hearing and vision screenings in Nyssa on January 5, 6, and 7 and in Boise on January 12 and 21.  Contact Lion Ren Gardner for more information or if you can help.  Volunteers are also needed in Kuna on January 13-15 and 18.  Contact Lion Jack Graham.  Don't worry if you have no experience-there will be something you can do.  Edit:  Nyssa screenings have just been changed to January 19-21. The MSU-Mobile Screening Unit