Monday, December 7, 2009

Random bits and pieces

I was checking the event calendar for Lions 39W and not much is listed.  Is nothing going on in the next 2 months?  More likely, everyone is busy with the holidays and hasn't taken the time to let everyone know what's going on.  No excuse!  Let us know what your club is doing!

So today, just some random thoughts and such....

Several clubs have been hosting casino nights for parties.  These are fun, and, for anyone who knows how to deal craps or roulette,  a good opportunity to help out another club.

It seems more than one gavel is out visiting....Someone might want to hint to Caldwell to read the blog to locate theirs.  Ontario's has fallen into the hands of one of the largest clubs in the District (there's your hint, Ontario!) and Meridian Noon, yours has been passed around a bit and it's not clear where it has landed.

Star Lions Club was mentioned in today's Idaho Statesman as one of the participants of the Star Christmas 2, if you missed it.

And finally, Pat Gore, Boise Riverside Lions, was on TV this weekend talking about the Veterans Resource Network.

Not bad for a slow news day!

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