Friday, November 20, 2009

Lions Clubs working together

Lions are just a great group of people.  After all, the Lions motto is "We Serve".  It's why we're all in Lions Club in the first place-to help others.  Sometimes we need to extend that help to other clubs in the District.  For example, we might help Meridian Lions with their rodeo, Riverside Lions with a casino night, Kuna Lions with vision screenings, still another with another project.  Sometimes "help" is in the form of support-just being there because we care.  Our new clubs in the District especially need our help and support.  It's tough to get a brand new club started and tougher still to survive the first couple of years. 

The Salmon River Lions Club in Riggins is one of our newest clubs and they could use the support of their fellow Lions.  On December 12, they will be holding an Open House in their community to get people acquainted with the Lions Club and get a few more people interested in membership.  There will be a Chile Feed from 12:00 to 3:00 and they will be doing photo vision screening for children from 6-18 months.  Sounds like a great opportunity to get to know the Salmon River Lions and lend a helping hand!

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