Friday, November 13, 2009

The case of the missing gavel......

Wonder who started the Lions tradition of "stealing"? For the uninitiated, Lions are known to visit other Lions clubs meetings or parties and quietly leave with something they didn't come with.   The purpose of the thievery is usually to promote fellowship and visitation between clubs-because if someone has your "stuff" you're going to go get it back.  Objects missing are often banners, bells, plaques, awards, vests, or as in today's case-gavels.

I recently received a request to post a note on the internet (website, facebook, or blog) in reference to an antique gavel, hand engraved with the date of 1934, which was left unattended for an extended period in a very public place. It seems said gavel was also "missing" last year and subsequently defaced by one Parma Lions Club. Those currently in possession of the gavel  promise to keep it safe and unharmed. They further tell me a ransom note will follow...


Check back for the continuing saga.

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